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20 Songs to Help You Survive Venus in Retrograde

20 Songs to Help You Survive Venus in Retrograde

20 Songs to Help You Survive Venus in Retrograde

Whether you’re an astrology aficionado or not, you’ve probably heard about the Venus Retrograde that’s currently going on. July 25th was the kickoff date for this period and it’s all about deep reflection on the numerous relationships we’ve had in our lives and the current status of our hearts. Don’t feel bad if everything that’s happened over the last few weeks is just starting to click, we still have until Sept. 6 to get our minds (and love lives) right.

According to popular astrologist Chani Nicholas:

“Venus deals with issues of love, connectivity, art, pleasure, pleasing, what we value, how we feel about what we value, creating culture, erotic energy, Goddess, anyone who identifies as a woman and all things to do with relationships. When Planets slow down to station retrograde, they tend to have a powerful effect on our lives (especially given the topics they govern).”

Check out these 20 songs that were definitely made to help us all survive the rest of this period.

1. Find You Love - Drake

With the whole Meek Mill beef situation we’ve gotten to know a more combative side of the R&B crooner, but he’s still the King of Emotion. Let his voice guide you to finding the love you deserve!

2. Lovefool - The Cardigans

Every amazing '90s movie had this song on it’s soundtrack, and for good reason. Love can make us feel obsessive over people who are so wrong for us. Despite the desperation in these lyrics, the upbeat feel keeps it light and dance-inducing.

3. Blow - Beyoncé

Beyoncé’s discography is full of songs about relationship, but remember Venus also governs sexuality. This unabashed directive on pleasure will definitely get you in the mood.

4. No Sleeep (feat. J. Cole) - Janet Jackson

So you haven’t seen bae in a bit and just made it back to town? Well, Janet’s comeback single is here to place you in the right mindset. The J. Cole addition adds the perfect masculine touch to round out this smooth track.

5. No Air - Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown

The lyrics to this karaoke staple will forever be etched in our minds. This is one of the best post-millennium duets and the way their voices come together is perfection!

6. Super Bass - Nicki Minaj

The ultimate Nicki hit. If your Tinder boo hit all the right marks on the first date, Onika is here to keep those feelings of infatuation rolling.

7. Love At First Sight - Kylie Minogue

The sugary pop of the early 2000s died a while ago, but the original Kylie’s song endures. The Australian queen gives us a glimpse into what’s it’s like the first time your lover gets the adrenaline pumping.

8. Un-break My Heart - Toni Braxton

Look, if you’re going through a rough patch right now Toni is here for you! Lip-syncing this ballad to bae will certainly draw them back in. Trust me.

9. I Knew You Were Trouble - Taylor Swift
Before Taylor got all booed up, she was the queen of breakup songs. She reminds us all that first impressions are often right. Don’t let that baddie suck you into their games!

10. We Found Love (feat. Calvin Harris) - Rihanna

Remember when this song was like everywhere? And remember the Chris Brown doppelganger in the video that had everyone talking? Well, when it comes to toxic love I trust RiRi knows a thing or two about it.

11. All Eyes On You (feat. Nicki Minaj & Chris Brown) - Meek Mill

I know, right? Meek Mill and Drake on the same playlist is unthinkable right now. But let’s be real, this duet with Nicki is the jam and Chris Brown ties it all together with his ever-melodic vocals.

12. I Bet - Ciara

Another siren who’s no stranger to loving jerks, Ciara takes direct shots at Future in this single from her latest album, Jackie.

13. Alejandro - Lady Gaga

Mother Monster has never been dry on the hits, but this song perfectly captures the fleeting romance of a summer fling. The visuals and choreography are top notch as always.

14. Do It Again (feat. Tyga & Chris Brown) - Pia Mia

Kylie Jenner’s BFF makes it clear that sometimes one night stands can lead to more. She’s only 18, but apparently she really gets this scenario.

15. Motivation (feat. Lil’ Wayne) - Kelly Rowland

There’s another Destiny’s Child who knows a thing or two (or three) about some good old fashioned body talk. Kelly took center stage when she dropped this track and after a few years it’s still a bop!

16. Where Are Ü Now (feat. Justin Bieber) - Jack Ü (Diplo & Skrillex)

The perfect mix of melancholy and upbeat. Justin’s voice will just flow through your speakers and have you desperately missing your paramour!

17. Wet Dreamz - J. Cole

The perfect song to reminisce about your first love to. Cole keeps it nostalgic in the ode to puppy love.

18. Toxic - Britney Spears

Another celebration of addictive love. Britney definitely knows A LOT about relationships and heartbreak.

19. Love ‘Em All - K. Michelle

We’ve all been through the ringer at some point (probably multiple times). But in the end, it’s all about loving and letting go. Thanks, K. Michelle.

20. Teenage Dream - Katy Perry

The ultimate nostalgic first love jam. Katy will make your summer fling feel like it’ll never end! (Maybe it doesn’t have to!).

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