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Nerd Out with Jessie Gender: Comicsgate, and Everything You Need to Know About It

Jessie Earl

Anyone who pays attention to the comic book industry has probably heard about Comicsgate. Yet, if you’re like us, it’s confusing to figure what the are the issues at play and what is actually going on.

Like Gamergate before it, Comicsgate claims to be a movement of fans arguing that the reason for declining sales in the comic book industry is due to the rise of “forced diversity” and liberalism within major comic publishers like DC Comics and Marvel. Yet, in practice, Comicsgate has been a harassment campaign targeted against people of color, LGBT folks, and women within the comic book industry.

In the latest episode of Nerd Out, Jessie Gender breaks down all the players and arguments surrounding Comicsgate, and the very real professional and mental damage it has caused for those in the industry.