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Solve a Bisexual Murder Mystery on Tinder’s Swipe Night Feature

Solve a Bisexual Murder Mystery on Tinder’s ‘Swipe Night’ Feature

Solve a Bisexual Murder Mystery on Tinder’s ‘Swipe Night’ Feature

Star Calvin Seabrooks talks representation in our exclusive interview.


Swiping through Tinder is a pretty entertaining experience on its own, but the app just got even more fun with its whodunnit series, Swipe Night.

After earning an Emmy nomination last year, Swipe Night is back for a Killer Weekend. "Centered around a bi-sexual storyline, this Gen-Z whodunnit plants the user in a first-person experience where their choices dictate different outcomes and plot twists and who they connect with," a press release reads.


"At the end of each episode, members can be paired with another Swipe Night participant through Tinder’s 'Fast Chat' feature, where they’ll be able to talk about the story, analyze different clues, and unravel the mystery together. Fast Chat, which launched in June and powers the popular Hot Takes experience, allows people to chat with each other over certain topics within Tinder before matching."

The final episode launched this past Saturday and the entire series is available on the "Explore" page for Tinder users to dive into. 

Just ahead of this past weekend's finale premiere, we had a quick chat with out actor and social media star Calvin Seabrooks. Check it out below: 

PRIDE: What does it mean to you to be a part of this event for Tinder, especially with this queer storyline and it being seen by people all over the world? 

Seabrooks: It’s really cool seeing people talk about it online, and for the reviews to be overwhelmingly positive. As a gay actor, you’re often asked to play the trope of the “magical gay friend,” the one who only lives in service to the lead, but in Swipe Night, I get to prove that queer people are more than the gay BFF, we’re also unhinged murder suspects. And that’s progress, sis.

What was your favorite moment acting in Tinder's Swipe Night: Killer Weekend?

It sounds so corny, but all of it. The cast was just so fun to work with, our group chat is still popping off daily. You get pretty close when you’re shooting at 3am in the desert for 3 weeks.

Any Tinder horror and/or success stories of your own? 

I met my partner on Tinder! We love tinder in this household.

What has your recent rise on TikTok been like? 

It’s kinda strange because people used to know me from my IG and I just started putting stuff up on TikTok recently…but I think folks have seen my stuff now more than they ever did on IG. But frankly, I’m still heavily slept on, so follow me @larrygayvid.

That Lin Manuel Miranda & Billy Porter singing Wicked video was hilarious btw. How did it feel when you saw Billy Porter reacting to your impression of him?

Ha!!!! It was kinda crazy cos I’m a musical theatre girl. I just hope Billy knows I’m his biggest fan.



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