New York City Subways Are Making a Big Move for Gender Neutrality

New York City Subways Will Now Address Passengers With Gender-Neutral Pronouns
Zachary Zane

New York City has officially changed the script on what train conductors and bus drivers will say to its passengers.

The subways and buses in NYC will now be using gender-neutral announcements. Instead of using the phrase, “ladies and gentleman,” they will now use more inclusive gender-neutral terms like “passenger,” “rider,” and “everyone.”

Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokesman Jon Weinstein said, "We’re fundamentally changing the way we talk with riders to give them better and clearer information."

Of course, some folks took to Twitter to express their contempt. (Could you imagine being appalled by something so unbelievably minuscule that in no way affects you as a cis person?)

Regardless of the haters, we’re super happy to see the changes. Thank you NYC! Hopefully others will follow suit. 

Tags: #Politics, #Trans

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