The Claws FINALLY Come Out in Drag Race Reunion

Taylor Henderson

While RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9 has consistently been serving looks, the queens undelivered on the drama—so much so that one might feel like they were watching RuPaul's Best Friend Race. In this exciting new clip from tonight's reunion episode, it looks like the queens are FINALLY giving us the catfights we've been clamoring for. 

In an exclusive clip on Entertainment Weekly, the queens confront fan-favorite Valentina about her fans' online bullying of other Season 9 queens, particularly Alexis Michelle and Nina Bo'Nina Brown.

"Why do you think your fans came for the girls so strongly?" Ru asks.

After explaining that her following is underrepresented in the media and compares herself to Selena (cue Aja's shock), Valentina acknowledges that her fan base is overprotective of her.

"But I don't agree with that kind of behavior because that's not the type of person I am," she said.

The queens quickly pounce.

"Why didn't you say that?" asks Peppermint. "You could've said 'I do not agree with the way you guys are treating this girl. Please stop!'

"I FaceTimed you in tears because of people telling me I should go kill myself because I'm so ugly and so fat, and I should've volunteered to eliminate myself over your elimination," said Alexis Michelle.

Valentina has a tough time defending herself and claims that she's bad at social media, which was quickly shut down by Shea Couleé. "You knew what was going on," retorts Shea, who thinks Valntina chose to ignore the harassment. "You said to me 'Shea, I just want to say if anyone comes for Nina, I told her that I would stand up for her, I will address my fans, and I will make it all right' and I'm confused."

"You don't need to be confused," Valentina snaps. "You've had a lot of opinions of me tonight."

Watch the drama unfold below, and be sure to tune in to tonight's episode tonight on VH1.



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