Shot of the Day: Greatest Coloring Book Ever

Shot of the Day: Greatest Coloring Book Ever
Sunnivie Brydum

Out rocker and Gossip front woman Beth Ditto brought our attention to this fabulously feminist coloring book, which features a lovely array of children pledging allegiance to all things fiercely feminine. 

In a tweet linking to the band's Facebook page featuring the image, Ditto simply said, in all caps, "This coloring book is awesome!"

We're not sure where the book originated, but we've gotta hand it to the creator, and the artist who gayed it up even further with the addition of a hand-drawn rainbow in the background. 

And while some of us might be hesitant to pledge allegiance to a nation that doesn't view us as equal citizens, I'm willing to bet we could reach a consensus on the type of pledge characterized in this illustration. I mean, hell, I'll pledge allegiance to hard-rocking all-girl bands, pro-choice rallies, female emcees, and just for good measure, witchcraft.

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