Candy Crowley Is Feeling The Pressure

Candy Crowley Is Feeling The Pressure
Sunnivie Brydum

Candy Crowley is CNN's chief political correspondent, and next Tuesday, she'll become only the third woman in history to moderate a presidential debate. While Crowley is straight (we presume), making it big in the male-dominated world of news media is definitely worth some fellow lady-love. 

Crowley told Huffington Post that she's feeling the pressure, especially after PBS' Jim Lehrer's moderation of the first Romney-Obama debate was roundly rebuked by critics. 

When asked about the attention she's received as the first female debate moderator in 20 years, Crowley had a snarky response that many women can likely relate to.

"When I first got the call" about being selected, Crowley said, "it's not like I thought, 'Ooh, wow, I'm a woman, this is cool!' I've been a woman my whole life. The first thing in my head was, 'Wow, this will be so much fun.' It wasn't until later that the questions started to come, and so that's when I realized that there's this other layer of stuff going on. What people ask me most often is, do you think you'll ask different questions? Absolutely! But it's because we're different people, and we have different styles, and we have different backgrounds and we've covered different things. And one of the ways I will be different is that I'm female."

Read the entire interview here, and watch Crowley's moderation of the town-hall style debate on Tuesday, October 16, at Hofstra University.

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