Op-ed: What Bi Pride Means To Me

Op-ed: What Bi Pride Means To Me

Today is Bi Pride day. I want to take a moment honor the B in LGBTQ.

I identify as a woman-leaning bisexual... that is term I made up to clarify for others because it's easier than often dealing with others' confusion or prejudice.

Internally I know who am, who I am capable of loving deeply, and what I am open to in my loving romantic relationships.

I wanted to take a minute to actually post something because people who identify as Bi often get biphobia from both sides of the fence. People want us to choose. They want to put us in a box that looks like theirs or at least one that to them feels more solid. I have gotten more shit over the years for honoring my bisexuality than I think most would imagine.

People, for some reason, think that it is the number of options or quantity of possible partners that makes people more or less committed or clear. Like if their partner only liked red heads they'd be less likely to cheat because there are less red heads than brunettes...

This is not the case. Bisexuals are not innately more promiscuous or indecisive... there are just as many of us that are, committed or monogamous or poly or honest or dishonest or who honor our commitments or who make mistakes as there are of people who identify as gay, straight or any other moniker.

We are not confused... we are actually super clear that we are open to making loving commitments that are not limited by gender.

Just because a Bisexual person commits to a relationship with someone of the opposite sex does not mean we were experimenting, and if we commit to someone of the same sex it does not mean we were just gay/lesbian all along...

What it means is we found the person who is our person...

Or for some, the persons who are their persons (shout out to my poly friends... gay, straight and otherwise).

That PERSON(s) we are choosing to walk with, the soul(s) that speaks to ours and we are making a go of creating a life with that soul(s). Period.

Stand proud, and love yourself what ever way you express love with other consenting adults. And scene.

OK. Loving y'all. Off my soap box. #bisexualpride #bi #loveandacceptwhoyouare#unapologetically

DALILA ALI RAJAH is the creator and executive producer of Cherry Bomb

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