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big brother 25

Jared Fields Responds to 'Big Brother' Negative Backlash

The evicted houseguest is taking full responsibility for his actions.

Izzy Gleicher Wants Cirie Fields To Win 'Big Brother 25'

The star is chatting with PRIDE just after her elimination.

Luke Valentine Expelled From 'Big Brother 25' After Saying N-Word

The BB25 contestant casually said the n-word and tried to laugh it off.

Hisam Goueli Is Already A 'Big Brother 25' Fan-Favorite & Meme King

The doctor and burlesque dancer is already proving to be a fan-favorite on BB25!

UPDATE: Meet The Exciting New Cast of 'Big Brother 25' Houseguests

A record-breaking 17 new players are competing on this landmark season of Big Brother!

19 LGBTQ+ Movies & TV Shows Coming In August 2023 & How To Watch Them

Heartstopper, Problemista, Reservation Dogs, Passages... and so much more!

Julie Chen Moonves & Taylor Hale Talk 'Big Brother 25' Houseguests

The wait is over and the new season is finally here.