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Izzy Gleicher Wants Cirie Fields To Win Big Brother 25

Izzy Gleicher Wants Cirie Fields To Win 'Big Brother 25'

Izzy Gleicher

The star is chatting with PRIDE just after her elimination.


Talk about an exit!

Izzy Gleicher is the latest contestant to get the boot on the 25th season of Big Brother.

During the game, the flutist quickly aligned with Cirie and Jared Fields and stuck with her alliance until her elimination.

Even though she didn't make it to jury, Gleicher is hoping Cirie will add another iconic reality show win under her belt.

"I'm just so thankful to have gotten the chance to meet and connect with Cirie. I want Cirie to win. I want Cirie to thrive. I think that's going to be really hard," Gleicher tells PRIDE.

In her interview with PRIDE, Gleicher exclusively opened up on how close her bond with Cirie had truly become.

"I haven't even said this on any interview, but I'll tell Something that you don't know is that every night when the lights went off, Cirie would reach over to my bed and grab my hand. We would squeeze each other's hands at night. It started when I was having really hard days. You can't deny that kind of support. I don't regret working with her at all."

Gleicher also has no regrets going on the show. She was just one of two contestants this season representing the LGBTQ+ community.

"It just was really important to me to be myself. It was important for me to be as me as possible and I thought that that would be the best representation there could be."

Big Brother airs nightly on CBS. To see the full interview with Izzy Gleicher, check out the video below.

Izzy Gleicher Wants Cirie Fields To Win 'Big Brother 25'

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