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Julie Chen Moonves & Taylor Hale Talk Big Brother 25 Houseguests

Julie Chen Moonves & Taylor Hale Talk 'Big Brother 25' Houseguests

Julie Chen Moonves & Taylor Hale Talk 'Big Brother 25' Houseguests

The wait is over and the new season is finally here.


Expect the unexpected.

Big Brother has returned for a monumental 25th season and this crop of new houseguests is sure to bring the fun, drama, and gameplay fans have been waiting for.

Julie Chen Moonves is returning to her notable role as host of the popular show and is giving PRIDE a sneak peek as to how this cast is unlike any other group of houseguests in previous seasons.

"Everyone has a very unique story that I've never heard before. What's going to happen when they all mix? I don't know, but I'm going to love watching it," Moonves says.

The cast includes two members of the LGBTQ+ community, a DJ from Australia, and a couple people who are related to previous Survivor contestants. Jared Fields is the son of Cirie Fields, while Cory Wurtenberger is the brother of Zach Wurtenberger.

"Everyone is a big personality. Now, they're going to be in close quarters in a semi-small house for 16 people. Who are they going to be now? No matter what, you're going to be bonded with these people for life," she added.

Taylor Hale, winner of Big Brother 24, shared her manifestations for the 25th season with PRIDE earlier this year.

"I would love to see iconic competitions coming back. Give me Pressure Cooker. I want to see those people standing with their finger on a button for hours. Make it overnight. Make these people play a mental game, because that's what this is," Hale says.

Big Brother 25 premieres Wednesday on CBS and streams the next day on Paramount+. Live Feeds will also stream completely free this year on Paramount’s free streaming service, Pluto TV.

To see the full interviews with Julie Chen Moonves and Taylor Hale, check out the video below.

Julie Chen Moonves & Taylor Hale Talk 'Big Brother 25'

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