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Billie Eilish's Coming Out Is Giving UWU Lez Energy & I Hate That For Us

"I Like Girls But I'm Scared Of Them" is so tired.

Jason Mraz On Accepting His Bisexuality, Divorce & Leaving 'Shame And Guilt' Behind

Mraz said he's had to learn a lot about himself and that includes during his current run on Dancing with the Stars.

10 Myths About Pansexuality We Need To Bust Immediately

So many misconceptions, so little time to address them all.

12 Animals You Didn’t Know Are Out And Proud Bisexuals

Sexuality is not just subject to humans!

Is Jigsaw From The 'SAW' Movies Bi? Why Fans Think He Just Came Out

With SAW X hitting screens this week, we’re learning more about its iconic anti-hero.

Slayyyter On Poppers, Voguing & Entering Her STARF***KER Era

PRIDE chatted with the bisexual star about her iconic Life Is Beautiful performance, drag inspirations, and the release of her new album.

10 Bisexual Celebrities You Have To Follow On Instagram & TikTok

Bisexual Awareness Week is popping off on the 'gram!

Shattering Bi Myths: The Truth About Bisexual Identity & Erasure

They're not confused, it's not a phase, and they're just as marginalized as everybody else.

The 13 Best & Most Empowering Things About Being Bisexual

There are so many GOOD things that come from being bisexual, and honestly, they’re not discussed enough.

10 Signs That You Might Be Bisexual

Figuring out your orientation can be scary and stressful, so we’re here to help!

30 Pop Anthems About Bisexuality

Janelle Monáe, Dove Cameron, Halsey, David Bowie, Frank Ocean, Panic! at the Disco & more!

15 Historical Icons You Didn't Know Were Bisexual

The world wouldn't be the same without the contributions of these bi icons!

Lil Nas X Helped His Brother Come Out, Too

The out musician’’s documentary revealed how living his truth helped his brother feel ready to share his identity.

‘Starfield’ Voice Actor Shuts Down Critics Of The Game's Bi Romance

Elias Toufexis has spoken & he’s not suffering any fools.

Kit Connor On His Coming Out Tweet & If He Has Regrets

The bisexual star of Heartstopper came out in response to accusations of “queerbaiting.”

10 Comebacks For When Someone Says Something Biphobic

Here’s some ammo for the next time someone tries to say something ignorant to you.

Bravo Star Taylor Armstrong Reveals She's Bisexual And Has Dated Women

The Bravolebrity opened up about her sexuality on the 'Real Housewives of Orange County'

7 Awkward Moments Only Bisexuals Have to Deal With

Bisexuality is awesome, but also super awkward at times.

Lili Reinhart Teases Exploring Betty's Sexuality Before 'Riverdale' Ends

The gang is currently stuck in the 1950s, but Betty's getting "hornier and hornier."

DC's Pride Issue Features Bisexual Team Up Of Superman & Constantine

And here's your Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy update...