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renee rapp

Here are all the celebrities who came out in 2024 (so far!)

These stars are living their truth in 2024 and we love to see it!

Reneé Rapp reveals she dealt with internalized homophobia after coming out on 'SNL'​

The Mean Girls star says that coming out as lesbian in a skit was a last minute decision.

Is Reneé Rapp a top? PRIDE investigates

The internet wants to know: Is Reneé a top? PRIDE gets to the bottom of it in this mystery in our VERY serious investigation!

Could Reneé Rapp be starring in the next 'L Word?' Here's everyone else we would cast!

We're starting a rumor .. or maybe manifesting... you decide

14 Coachella moments that prove Sapphics are absolutely WINNING

Billie's kisses, Reneé's giant scissors, Doja's sapphic mud wrestling, Kesha's return, Chappell period, and the cast of the L-Word reunited, this weekend's fest was so very, very GAY!

10 queer actresses we'd love to play the next sexy Bond girl

Any of these actresses playing a Bond girl would leave feeling SHAKEN and STIRRED!

Reneé Rapp calls for 'permanent ceasefire in Gaza' during GLAAD Awards speech

Fans are calling her brave for speaking up so publicly.

Reneé Rapp hard-launches relationship with Towa Bird at Oscars party

"Lesbians have been suspiciously winning lately," one fan wrote.

Did Reneé Rapp just come out as a lesbian?

Her Saturday Night Live gig left fans positively giddy.

‘Mean Girls’ has always been queer, but in its latest incarnation we take center stage ​

PRIDE interviews the stars of the film about how it cleverly tackles inclusivity and modernizes a classic, while still celebrating the subversive pleasure of being a ‘b*tch’.

Daniel Franzese spills the tea on his gay 'Mean Girls' costars

Get in losers, we're taking a trip down memory lane.

7 Things We Saw In The 'Mean Girls' Musical Trailer That Have Us Gagging To Get In Loser

Our first look at the upcoming film is so fetch.

Reneé Rapp's Drug Experiences & Going Missing Inspired 'Snow Angel'

The singer opened up about the unfortunate experiences that led her to write “Snow Angel.”

Reneé Rapp Recalls Being 'Laughed At' Every Time She Tried To Come Out

The actress opened up about the struggles of coming out in her hometown.