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Pride has got all the latest news, stories, and scoops on all of your favorite, famous gay couples, and we've even got tips and advice on how to score that special someone so that you too can be one half of a gay couple. Hollywood it-couples like Matt Bomer and his hubby Simon Halls, and Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi show LGBT people everywhere that committed relationships are the best. Because really, who doesn't absolutely live for a good romantic, gay love story?

World champion Lauren Price celebrates title with fellow boxer girlfriend & we're SWOONING

We're obsessed with this lesbian boxing couple!

Proposal on Ice: Two women's hockey fans popped the question, and it's so CUTE

When given the chance to take a shot on goal during intermission, two women took the chance to surprise the audience — and each other.

Mel B dishes on her five-year queer romance with Christine Crokos

The Spice Girl shares her experience on loving women romantically.

Watch Ben Platt’s new music video with his fiancé that has us sobbing

“Cherry On Top” is a testament to queer love, joy, and a total folksy bop.

'Heartstopper' star Bradley Riches is engaged & the photos are so sweet

We’re wishing these two a very happy ever after.

‘For the Love of DILF’s winners Nigel & Rico open up about their romance after the show (EXCLUSIVE)

Things got real when the cameras went down on season two of the hit reality show. Here’s where the couple stands today.

Pro volleyball stars Tim Brewster & Kyle Friend are officially dating

These volleyball partners are now also dating — and it’s all just too adorable!

These two queer athletes dove head first into love and have never been happier

This bi diver and gay swimmer won't let going to different colleges keep them apart!

Gay soccer star Josh Cavallo announces he's engaged, meet his fiancé Leighton Morrell

“It felt right to share this special moment on the pitch, where it all started,” the out gay Australian soccer player wrote on social media.

20 LGBTQ+ celebrity breakups that broke our hearts too

We were rooting for these couples!

Luke Evans & BF Fran Tomas launch clothing brand to serve body-ody-ody

The couple has launched BDXY accompanied by stylist and creative consultant Christopher Brown.

Greg Mathis Jr & Elliott Cooper share engagement details & career updates

In an interview with PRIDE, Greg Mathis Jr. and Elliott Cooper open up about getting engaged, planning a wedding, and pursuing new career paths.

Did Chris Olsen just reveal that he's single?

The popular TikTok star was a little coy when asked about his love life at the Grammys.

Couple's Goals: Watch Jonathan Bennett's hubby react to his first Broadway role

Bennett shared a video of him telling his husband Jaymes Vaughan that he was cast in Spamalot.

Jai Rodriguez Kicked Off Christmas By Hard Launching His Hot New Boyfriend

Is it seriously legal to let a couple be this hot?