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republican politician

WATCH this Republican lawmaker's kinky slip up over new IVF law, gurl we see you

Did he really say what I think he said?!

A photo of Ted Cruz in tight pants went viral and the internet is ROASTING

The Republican's moose knuckle is on full display and now we have to wash our eyes out with bleach!

MAGA die-hard Matt Gaetz under investigation AGAIN for being a huge creep

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz is under investigation a second time for allegedly having sex with a minor, while supposedly wanting to protect children from "degenerate" queer people.

MAGA Queen humiliated after no one shows up to her book signing and we're cackling

Marjorie Taylor Greene wrote a book about herself but it looks like no one is reading it and now we can't stop laughing!

Watch This Gay Trump Supporter Get The Shock Of His Life When He Realizes Republicans Are Homophobes

Republican Rob Smith got a rude awakening when a crowd of MAGA true believers turned on him.

Watch Matt Gaetz Get BRUTALLY Trolled By His Own Party With Award For Paying 'Underage Girls'

The Florida Representative was humiliated in front of a crowd of his fellow Republicans and it was glorious!

House Speaker Mike Johnson Creeps On Teen Son’s Porn Usage & His Son Returns The Favor

It’s not creepy, It's accountability! Ahem.

Marjorie Taylor Accuses Hunter Biden Of "Making Pornography"

The Republican pulled a ridiculous stunt today by showing a pornographic image during a House Oversight Committee meeting.

George Santos Tried To Read Trixie Mattel – It Gloriously Backfired

The Republican politician keeps embarrassing himself.