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Ooop! OnlyFans Creator Busts Out The Receipts On A Bigoted TikToker

Ooop! OnlyFans Creator Busts Out The Receipts On A Bigoted TikToker

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Bigoted TikTok creator is, of course, a hypocrite

In a turn of events that is surprising to no one, a Christian influencer who has repeatedly denounced transness, Grindr, and trans porn was found on a list of paying customers by a trans OnlyFans creator.

Ryan Foley is a member of #ChristianTok whose videos where he admits to “struggling” with homosexuality and a porn addiction have gone viral. In one TikTok where he’s railing against porn consumption, he tells viewers to imagine “demons are standing around you laughing.”

Looks like he doth protest too much though because on May 5 an owner of a popular femboy OnlyFans account stitched the Christian family man’s hate-filled TikTok and came with receipts!

Kendoll, who goes by @kendollmunch on TikTok, brought the hard evidence, showing viewers a payment made by Foley to OnlyFans from November 2022. As of Thursday, the video has over 5 million views.

@kendollmunch #stitch with @Ryan Foley I love you ryan #fypシ ♬ Lights Are On (Instrumental) - Edith Whiskers

Kendoll stitched a TikTok where Foley was admitting to struggling with homosexuality, hooking up with transgender folks, and watching trans and femboy porn. And told viewers that the suffering they feel when they are tempted by porn or homosexuality will just bring them closer to Jesus.

Many viewers saw Foley’s original video and put two and two together themselves.

“The call is coming from inside the house,” @jna4kam commented on the TikTok.

“I struggled with denial so I started denying even more,” wrote.

“I just know that browser history is crazy,” @alluringskull commented.

@ryanfoley._ #Christian #God #JesusChrist #Christian ♬ Lights Are On (Instrumental) - Edith Whiskers

But Kendoll isn’t the only one who has come forward. Since then two more accounts have posted evidence of Foley supporting other gay and trans content on OnlyFans, including @jackjuddsons who presented further proof that the Christian TikToker has been supporting creators who make the kind of content he rails against.


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