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Trans Woman Had the Best Response to Unwanted Dick Pic

Trans Woman Had the Best Response to Unwanted Dick Pic

Trans Woman Had the Best Response to Unwanted Dick Pic

The hypocrisy is real.


It’s hard to know what to do about unsolicited dick pics. Rarely does shaming the sender work, and trying to explain to them it’s inappropriate and nobody wants to see their surprise!dick while trying to catch up on The Great British Bake Off is an absolutely useless cause.

But one woman found a solution that worked perfectly for her.

Faye Kinley posted screenshots of a text conversation she had with a stranger on Twitter. Some unidentified man got her phone number somehow and immediately opened by telling her she’s sexy and sending a picture of his penis.

Kinley, who is trans, told PinkNews she wasn’t surprised because misogynists send unwanted dick pics her way all the time. But she decided this time she would do something a little different.

“For some reason it just crossed my mind to send one back and the response was exactly as I expected,” she said.



After Kinley sent a photo of her own penis in return, the anonymous man freaked out, demanding to know why she would send that and complaining that he was going to block her number.

“Men really flip out when you treat them the way they treat you,” one Twitter user wisely pointed out.

Kinley says she expected the transphobia and the hypocrisy from the mystery dick man in response to her photo, and she wasn’t really bothered by it.

“The fact that these men clearly want to have sex with me before even knowing I’m trans and then act all appalled and transphobic afterwards just validated to me that it has nothing to do with my gender not being valid,” she said.

“After all they found me attractive, and everything to do with them being insecure at the possibility of being attracted to someone with a penis ‘making them gay.’”

While senders of unwanted dick pics shouldn’t have to receive dick pics themselves in order to realize it’s a shitty thing to do, hopefully the dude who wrote Kinley will think twice before sending unsolicited, uh, crescent rolls next time.

But somehow we doubt it.

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