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17 Steamiest Supernatural Gay Scenes From TV

17 Steamiest Supernatural Gay Scenes From TV

17 Steamiest Supernatural Gay Scenes From TV

Vampire and witches and psychics, oh my!


LGBT scholars and cinephiles can explain why queer culture and the supernatural have always gone arm in arm, skipping down the yellow brick road. The rest of us can sit back and binge-watch True Blood, Teen Wolf, and American Horror Story.

But before these, there was Dante’s Cove — a full-on gay, steamy, witchy drama from the early 2000s (produced by the same company that owns The Advocate). The show took place on a beach, had queer women as principal characters, and offered loads of steamy sex scenes. The third season ended with a cliffhanger, and its loyal, horned-up fans were left with no release — I mean, no answers — when a fourth season never happened.

A new Kickstarter campaign has launched asking fans to donate money to help bring an all-new season of Dante’s Cove to life. To inspire you, we’ve collected a complete list of TV’s hottest supernatural gay sex scenes. 

01 Sense8

1. Sense8 — and that infamous season 1 orgy.

The psychic, cross-national, pansexual orgy scene that happened in episode 6 in Sense8’s first season (which was popular, discombobulated, and queer as can be) will go down in TV history.

The show follows eight people who are all psychically “linked,” meaning they can share abilities — and also, as it turns out, sex. When a few of them got horned up, the rest followed, even though they were thousands of miles apart. The result? The hottest group sex scene ever — and one that was apparently rather complicated to shoot

02 Trueblood

2. Shower time with True Blood’s Sam Merlotte and Bill Compton.

This was not a sex scene, but — to queer fans’ voiced frustration — it could have been. Thanks to True Blood’s “blood connection” that humans get when they sample vampire blood, Sam and Bill got hot and bothered around each other and decided to “take a shower” — and then Sam woke up. (Nearly all the homoerotic scenes in the show were dream sequences). 


03 Americanhorror

3. Evan Peters’s crazy gay millionaire and his boy toy from American Horror Story: Freak Show. 

On American Horror Story: Freak Show, alum Evan Peters played a crazy millionaire art aficionado from the antebellum South — a wealthy ancestor of season 4’s Dandy Mott (future serial killer) — who had a male lover with whom he likes to “rouge each other’s nipples.” A tub scene features the two going at it. 


04 Trueblood

4. True Blood’s infamously hot shaving scene. 

In season 6 of the vampire melodrama, Jason Stackhouse had (yet another) homoerotic daydream — this one about the vampire-fairy Warlow (Rob Kazinsky). The result? An intense homoerotic shaving scene with a straight razor.


04 Trueblood

5. Jason and Eric’s kinky True Blood vamp-human sex scene. 

True Blood utilized “blood connections” to get more than a few homoerotic moments out of otherwise hetero characters. But the ultimate one came in Jason Stackhouse’s dream (after falling asleep in a church pew) about the vampire Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) — considered by many fans to be the hottest gay sex scene of the show’s run. Belts were ripped off, throats gripped — they literally lunged at each other. 


06 Teenwolf

6. The long-awaited gay anything on Teen Wolf that finally happened with Danny and Ethan. 

After season after season of queer-baiting LGBT viewers, the campy, supernatural werewolf drama Teen Wolf finally gave fans some action — quick, passing, pants-on, but hey, something is better than nothing, right? Danny and Ethan, from rival packs, share a room at a haunted house and ditch their clothes. Thank the Lord. 


07 Trueblood

7. True Blood’s Jason Stackhouse does a whitey-tightey dance for Lafayette. 

Remember when gay vampire Lafayette got Jason to strip dance on camera? Yeah. Us too. 


08 Trueblood

8. That True Blood murder scene when we learned Eric was a top. 

Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) tells Talbot to turn over and mounts him in the show’s rather talked-about gay revenge murder. 

09 Ahs

9. That ultra-bloody AHS Hotel foursome with Lady Gaga and Matt Bomer. 

Because that happens, right? One of the most intense (and distinctly Ryan Murphy) scenes from American Horror Story: Hotel was when the Countess (Lady Gaga in her TV acting debut) and her eyeliner-wearing lover Donovan (Bomer), both vampires, seduced a couple at an outdoor movie screening at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Things got hot — then very bloody. 


10 Buffy

10. Buffy’s Willow and Tara and the kiss that made everyone cry. 

We watched Willow (Alyson Hannigan) gradually discover her lesbian sexuality over the course of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, unearth her feelings for Tara (Amber Benson), and come out — all in a way that felt refreshingly realistic to LGBT viewers. We watched Willow become stronger and more confident in her sexuality, then we got … the kiss. It happened in a devastatingly sad episode (“The Body”). With so many bad examples of gay relationships on TV, in both supernatural fare and otherwise, Tara and Willow’s relationship is seen by many as the one that got it right. Watch the kiss below. 

11 Dandyandy

11. Dandy and Andy 

American Horror Story: Freak Show was the launch of Finn Wittrock, who may never live down his role as Dandy, the cute, doted-upon mama’s boy-turned-serial-killer (in other words, a signature Ryan Murphy creation).

On his first night out as a bona fide killer, he hits a gay bar and lures gay hustler Andy (Bomer) back to his shack in the woods. Andy thinks it’s a little dirty and creepy — but hey, just another raunchy hookup in the woods, right? Bye, Andy. 


12 Teenwolfemily

12. That lesbian love scene from Teen Wolf that was a pleasant surprise. 

The male-heavy Teen Wolf parade finally introduced a lesbian couple about to have sex for the first time in a way that, as After Ellen noted, was “the most lesbian way possible.” Tent. Outdoors. Lots of talking about feelings and pauses to make sure they both felt loved and appreciated. We get it. 


13 Theliar 0

13. Thom and Harris have a steamy, frustratingly no-frontal sex scene in The Lair. 

It would be impossible to go through all the gay sex scenes from The Lair, a sexed-up gay drama set in the same world as Dante’s Cove, but here’s a steamy NSFW sampling. Thom (breakout star David Moretti) and Harris (Jared Grey) hook up on the third season of The Lair, about a sleepy island town inhabited by a mix of vampires and other supernatural characters. 


14 Thelair

14. …and then this ridiculously hot Lair foursome.  

There are literally endless hours of sex scenes from The Lair, which ran from 2007 to 2009, with consistently mixed reviews. Who knows what the hell is going on here? Who cares? 

15 Theoriginals

15. Josh and Aiden on The Originals. 

The Vampire Diaries spin-off made sure to give vamp-loving queer fans some man-on-man action — and not just as parody of straight love scenes. 

16 Teenwolf

16. And all the gay on Teen Wolf. So much repressed, unspoken, agonizing gay. 

Hollywood needs to destroy the glass closet — particularly now that the decadent, sort-of left-leaning world of American entertainment has an enemy in Donald Trump — a monster the entertainment world created — and a leader-elect with evident ties to Vladimir Putin, who banned all visible representation of homosexuality in his country. Gulp. 

Which is why all that queer-baiting on Teen Wolf stings. We sat through it, agonized through it, only to get scarce few same-sex moments. But some could easily argue that the entire show is one long repressed homoerotic urge. Here’s a run-through of Teen Wolf’s gayest moments. 


17 Dantescove

17. All of Dante’s Cove sex scenes. 

Let’s face it — Dante’s Cove was pure, unadulterated camp, and that’s why we loved it. It was porn with plotlines linking sex scene to sex scene. Today, the show’s (totally NSFW) sex scenes look like late-era ’90s porn with movie-parlor pop and hairless, spray-tanned bodies. But that doesn’t mean we’re not watching this hour-long compilation of all the show’s sex scenes, amassed over the course of three seasons. 

What would a Dante’s Cove sex scene look like today? Donate and find out! 


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