The Latest Episode of MTV’s Undressed Features Two Queer Women

MTV’s Undressed
Zachary Zane

The premise behind one of MTV’s newest shows, Undressed, is simple. Let’s put two strangers in a room, have them undress one another, and then give them 30 minutes to get to know each other. While they’re stripped down to their undies they must answer questions about themselves, as well as perform simple challenges, all designed to test if the two strangers are meant for one another.

At the end of the episode, each partner must decide if he or she wants to continue the relationship or bid a friendly adieu.

While the premise of the show is simple, the outcomes can be incredible. So often—especially in the world of dating apps—we have our guards up. We’re able to put up these facades of who we want to be, instead of revealing who we actually are. Getting naked with someone you don't know expedites intimacy. It breaks down walls. It forces you to reveal your true self.

On tonight’s episode, MTV has two queer women strip down to see if they can make a true connection.  

Check out Alexa and Emily's introduction on tonight’s episode of MTV’s Undressed below, and don’t forget to watch the whole show tonight on MTV at 11pm/10c!

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