Westworld Creator Confirms a Character's Bisexuality—and the Straights Are Shook

Taylor Henderson

During a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) yesterday, co-creator, executive producer, and director of HBO's Westworld Lisa Joy took the time to answer dozens of questions from fans. During the AMA, she explicitly addressed the sexuality of one of the central Westworld characters—much to the shock of confused straight people. 

"Logan confirmed bisexual?" asked Redditor ashtocolbi.

"Yes," Joy replied.

While Logan's bisexuality has been nodded to several times on the show, including taking part in an orgy with both women and men in Season 1, heteros were blindsighted by this revelation.

"What’s that based on?" asked one commenter. "I just don't remember him hitting on men at all."

Another chimed in, "How did you come to this conclusion, did I miss something?"

Let's take a look at the evidence, shall we?

In Season 1, Episode 2, as Logan and William take their first steps into Westworld, they're given a robot of their own to walk them through their new surroundings. Logan walks away holding hands with a female android and his arm wrapped around a male.

"What? It's not like my sister didn't ride her share of cowboys when she was here," he informs William.



If that, and the free-for-all orgy just minutes later in the episode wasn't enough, it was hammered into the canon even more in Season 2, Episode 2, when Logan flirts with a guy at a bar.

Sometimes people see what they want to see. Let's end this article with a Westworld meme...

Straight people watching Logan flirt with men: 

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