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Sex/Life’s Explicit Shower Scene Reveal Has Reactors in Shambles

'Sex/Life's' Explicit Shower Scene Reveal Has Reactors in Shambles

'Sex/Life's' Explicit Shower Scene Reveal Has Reactors in Shambles

This trend is a very, very big deal.


Netflix unveiled its new series Sex/Life on June 25, and while it's a very sexy show throughout, there’s one notable moment that has TikTok shook.

The series follows a bored stay-at-home mom named Billie (Sarah Shahi) who craves the wild sex-party-filled days of her youth. In particular, she misses getting busy with her ex, Brad. When her husband finds out what's on Billie’s mind, he uses the info to spice things up between them. In the process, he tracks down Brad in the gym’s shower and gets an eyeful – and I mean full – of what he’s working with.

It's that moment when Brad shows off his massive dong that’s sparked a new hilarious trend on TikTok, with people “blind reacting” to “Episode 3, 19:50”, and those reactions are hilarious. They range from shocked appreciation, to, well, terror.


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The only question that remains is whether this is the real deal or just a very impressive special effect. However, actor Adam Demos told EW that he didn’t request a body double for the scene and was “okay with it,” as he knew what he was getting himself into. Series creator Stacy Rukeyser has confirmed to Collider that Demos didn’t use a body double. She fell short of confirming if there were any prosthetics used in the scene, however. “No. That’s not a body double. I mean, people usually ask ‘is it real or is it a prosthetic?’” Rukeyser told Collider. “And I can tell you what Adam Demos says about it, which is, a gentleman never tells. So, we are leaving that up to the viewer’s imagination.”

If you want to do your own research (for science, of course), you can do so by checking out episode three of Sex/Life, at about the 19:50 mark.

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