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Yep, Breaking Bad's Gus Fring Has Been Gay All Along

Yep, Breaking Bad's Gus Fring Has Been Gay All Along

Gus Fring in Better Caul Saul
Courtesy of AMC

The latest episode of Better Call Saul made this very clear.


Editor’s note: this post contains spoilers for episode nine of AMC’s Better Call Saul season six.

Queer fans of Breaking Bad, rejoice!

Gus Fring (played by the legendary Giancarlo Esposito) was originally introduced in the second season of Breaking Bad as the owner of Los Pollos Hermanos – a restaurant that served as a front for the character’s drug trafficking operations. Esposito then reprised his role as Gus in the prequel series Better Call Saul.

This week, AMC aired the ninth episode of Better Call Saul season six, titled “Fun and Games.” During the episode, it was finally made absolutely clear that Gus has been gay all along. The revelation took place as Gus actively – but also smoothly – flirted with a character called David at a wine bar.

Besides exploring Gus’ sexuality, this storyline also showcased a softer side of the character that had never been seen in the Breaking Bad universe before. Generally, viewers only knew Gus as a ruthless and all-business individual. Alas, the idea that he’s been struggling internally with his sexuality also explains his behavior on both Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad.

Diehard fans of Breaking Bad had been speculating about the character’s sexuality for many years, with some viewers even taking it as a fact that was already set in stone. However, it wasn’t until this week’s episode of Better Call Saul that any and all doubts were finally put to rest. Gus is now officially gay according to the canon of the series.

As expected, fans of Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad are already having a blast with memes about Gus Fring finally being confirmed as a gay man.

Better Call Saul season six airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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