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Now James Corden Is Kissing Bryan Cranston

Now James Corden Is Kissing Bryan Cranston

Gaybaiting? Or is it just a good thing to show male affection?


Another day, another pair of straight male celebrities kissing on camera… It’s been a big week for straight guys kissing beginning with Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynolds at the Golden Globes and then Andrew and Stephen Colbert sharing a couple of tender kisses on Stephen’s show. Not to be outdone, James Corden gets a couple of kisses in with Bryan Cranston on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Of course, all of this kissing can be viewed as gaybaiting, but there’s also an argument to be made for it normalizing male affection for audiences that don't typically see it. 

Bryan appeared on James’s show with guests Jessica Biel and Giovanni Ribisi, and Bryan kissed James under the auspices of telling the story about how he and his wife of 28 years first got together.

Jessica claimed she was there to watch the two men kiss, while Giovanni was cool at first but then pretended to run for the hills at the sight of male affection.

Whether you think it’s gaybaiting or a good thing, here’s the next round of male celebs (it is Walter White after all) kissing for an audience. 


And in case you prefer the synopsis... 

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