The Internet Is Head Over Heels for This Adorable, Openly Gay 3-Year-Old

Taylor Henderson

Following the original poster's lead and request for privacy, this what was supposed to be a heartwarming post has been deleted because of homophobic abuse and bullying of a three-year-old child.

"I deleted the thread about my nephew admitting that he is gay (which went viral) because I couldn't stand reading hate messages. The tweet was with pure intention of expressing how proud and happy I am to see him doing the things he loves and expressing himself freely. But people misunderstood. We didn't force him nor taught him. He wanted to have dolls, be a mermaid, play Elsa, act like a beauty queen, etc. We just supported him because why not? He denies that he is a "boy" because he wants to be a "girl". He proudly says, "I'm gay!" And there's nothing wrong with that. It doesn't matter if he grows to be someone he says he is or not. What matters is for him to grow up with a heart who respects people regardless of one's gender, status, race, or religion. I realized maybe I should have kept it to us to protect him from being bullied. People were saying he is a disgrace, that we are at fault why he became "gay". There's no point in fighting with close-minded people. I hope one day this world will be completely free from hate and judgment. Still, #LoveWins and I promise to let him always be himself."

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