Shamir and the Power in Loving Your Authentic Self

Taylor Henderson

Welcome to PRIDE's brand new LGBT entertainment podcast, WerQ!

Join editor-in-chief Raffy Ermac and culture writer Taylor Henderson as we sit down with eclectic lo-fi, indie-rocker Shamir!


This week we banter about self-love and the importance of shaking off everything holding us back from being completely in love with ourselves. Shamir opens up about his pop hits of yesteryear and the rocky relationship with his old image and label.

Shamir also talks about his decision to delete the music video for his single "Straight Boys" after the director was accused of sexual assault days after its release.

"The video kind of did it's job. It outed a shitty person," Shamir explained. "The song was just the soundtrack, which fit perfectly. When I look at it that way, I don't think it was a loss."

Shamir blesses us with some self-care tips, Taylor and Raffy fangirl over Black Panther (and Michael B. Jordan), and Fergie shows America how it's done

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