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Clone Club Catch-Up: Top 10 Reasons We're Excited for Orphan Black Season 2

Clone Club Catch-Up: Top 10 Reasons We're Excited for Orphan Black Season 2

Clone Club Catch-Up: Top 10 Reasons We're Excited for Orphan Black Season 2

Season 2 is just hours away, and we've provided the an intensive refresher course to get you as prepared as possible.


This is it, Clone Club. We are just one day away from pretty much the most anticipated sophomore season in the history of one actress playing a billion parts. It's nearly impossible to contain our excitement, but we've focused just long enough to compile our Top Ten round up of everything we have to look forward to. Now, finish up your season one rewatch and get ready for what is sure to be the most insane season yet.


1. Kick-Ass Clone Action: Following the endless turmoil that plagued her in season one, Sarah’s now on a runaway mission to finally understand where she comes from, get her daughter Kira back, and not get caught by ProClone Rachel, the Neolutionists, or the Prolethians. If few of those words sound familiar to you, you're definitely in need of a rewatch (quick rundown, Neolutions are in favor of self-guided evolution, i.e. clones, and the Prolethians are a religious sect that are against the Neolutionists. Bam, you're set!). Murderous Prolethian-raised clone Helena may be out of the way (we'll miss you, Seestra!), but Sarah's so far from being out of the woods it looks like her problems this season don't revolve around if she gets caught, but how many times. At least she's got a cute new boyfriend! It also looks like our favorite unhinged suburbanite Alison will be getting in on the combative action as she struggles to get her life together after the basically murder of her BFF/believed monitor Aynsely. The real kicker? At the end of season one we discovered Alison's monitor is really her husband Donnie, and poor Aynsley was just a hot, frusterated soccer mom. We'll never look at a felt Christmas angel the same way again.

2. Cosima/Cophine: Oh come on, it’s not an Orphan Black Top Ten List without our absolute favorite couple. The girls look to be back together, and in a perfect world Delphine will now use her monitor status to double cross Dr. Leekie instead of her tentatively trustworthy scientific steady. Here's hoping Delphine's intentions really are good, because poor Cosima definitely needs some sort of silver lining in her life. When we left off, not only had she discovered the clones’ genetic code is patented, but she also started coughing up blood Katja-style, meaning it can really only go downhill from here. In fact, #SaveCosima actually became a social media staple in the fandom, so we know we're not alone when we say or viewership very well may be tested if Cosima goes the way of Katja. Oh, who are we kidding? Nothing could stop us from tuning in now.

3. Rachel Duncan: We’ve already been introduced then the less than kind-hearted Neolutionist Proclone Rachel Duncan, but now it’s time to really figure out what makes her tick. Tatiana admitted Rachel is her favorite clone, but it will take a little bit more than that to open ourselves up to the woman using Cosima’s immune system as blackmail. Will we ever warm up the blonde-bobbed maybe-villain threatening the health and safety of our current favorites? Only time will tell...

4. Shiny New Clones: Only a few scenes have been released of Jennifer Fitzsimmons, a teacher and swim coach Cosima discovers in a series of video diaries documenting the mysterious illness seems to have already been her downfall, but she's already won us over. However, there’s a not-so-promising shot in a recent promo that hints those video diaries may very well be all we get to see, but, hey, promos have been known to lie (or the dead can now be magically revived- it's a show about clones, after all). Also, who the hell is sporting that mullet in the season two teasers? If ever we needed answers, it's now. Until then, check out Jennifer's video diary and get an early jump on feeling sad about her bleak future.

5. Felix and his Amazing Fashion Sense: It's not all about Tatiana! How could we possibly forget about Felix, Sarah's dedicated foster brother who won our hearts in seconds and always has Sarah's back, no matter how dangerous her scheme. We wish we had a fraction of his swag and style (not to mention ability to put on eyeliner so flawessly), and he also makes world's best babysitter. His friendship with Alison makes for one of our favorite TV duos, and even in the darkest of times we can count on his sharp comic timing to lighten the mood. Even more, it's nearly impossible not to be shocked when actor Jordan Garvis opens his mouth and, in fact, isn't British at all. Now who wants to play dress up?

6. The Musical Episode: Just kidding! But we can dream, as well as play the very fun game, 'Figure out a scenario in which a musical episode would possibly make sense' (pro-tip: it's impossible). And in the meantime, here's some bonus Jordan Garvis to show us what we're clearly missing out on:

7. The MySteries: The entire first season, we found Sarah and Felix's foster mother Mrs. S to be a fairly comforting, wise, and trustworthy presence in Sarah's life. However, right before Helena stabbed her to death, Sarah and Helena's birth mother Amelia confessed that Mrs. S isn't who she says she is. Amelia also gave Sarah a photograph of two scientists that mentioned  "Project LEDA," which is definitely connected to the clones and their creation. Now that we've learned Mrs. S (who went missing the same time as Kira) could possibly be one of the scientists who posed as a couple to get Amelia to carry their "perfectly normal" baby, we're more intrigued than ever. Thirty years is a long time to have back-stabbing intentions, but on Orphan Black there are no guarantees.

8. Everything About Alison: In just one season, Alison grew from clone we can tolerate to one of our favorite characters on TV, even when she's kinda/sorta murdering people with garbage disposals. The clean-cut, picture perfect (on the outside) suburban housewife and mother of two adopted children (the clones are believed to be infertile, thus making Kira an anomaly and Sarah the #1 candidate to be the original) is an ocean of endless, often unintentionally hilarious struggles who choses just about the absolute worst way to deal with every problem in her path. She's a completely different side of the Clone Club with a full set of realistic, very human problems as well as shockingly violent tendencies that provided some of the most surprising moments of the season. We can't wait to see what's in store for her this season, but honestly we're a little terrified.

9. Remembering Who Everyone is and What the Hell They're Doing: Do you ever find yourself bored at work, suddenly googling what the Dyad Institute is because it totally slipped your mind? Who was that guy with the tail? Who is Paul important again? Of course you do! We've only barely begun to get answers to the many questions Orphan Black has to offer and we're sure the new season will bring at least 100 more, but every episode moves us just that much closer to total understanding. However, if you did forget why the hell Paul is important, here is Tatiana Maslany to remind you:

10. Tatiana: 'Nuff said. The 28-year-old Golden Globe nominated/Critic's Choice winning actress has taken the bar and thrown it so high it would take one of the most seasoned pros in the business to even begin to match her skill. She's the most powerful force on TV, driving her show as not one, but nine (at the moment) completely different, unique characters who often share several scenes together per episode (let us never forget the amazing and hard working Orphan Black body doubles!) It's been a year now and our minds are still blown by what it takes to create these characters. It's not just a bunch of Tatianas walking around, it's Sarah, Cosima, Alison, Rachel, Beth, Helena...The list goes on, but the waiting doesn't have to. Bring it on, Orphan Black!

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