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13 Emmy Snubs that NEVER Would Have Happened If We Were Voting 2014

13 Emmy Snubs that NEVER Would Have Happened If We Were Voting 2014

13 Emmy Snubs that NEVER Would Have Happened If We Were Voting 2014

Despite multiple nominations for Orange Is the New Black the voters at the Television Academy really blew it with a few nominations. Tatiana Maslany ANYONE?

First the good news since positive reinforcement is always encouraged - right?  Congratulations Emmy voters for nominating Orange Is the New Black’s Laverne Cox. Not only is the nuanced actress wholly deserving of a nod, but the nomination makes her the first openly transgender actress to ever be nominated. Emmy also got it right nominating OITNB’s Taylor Schilling, Natasha Lyonne, Uzo Aduba, and Kate Mulgrew. There were other spot-on nominations as well, but also many snubs – some glaring and some unforgivable!  Tatiana Maslany anyone? 

Beginning with a few very legitimate snubs and moving on to categories we wish were a thing, here are the Emmy Snubs that NEVER Would Have Happened If We Were Voting. 


Tatiana Maslany for Best Actress for Playing More Than Half a Dozen Distinctly Different Clones on Orphan Black

Snubbing Tatiana for Orphan Black’s freshmen season last year was almost forgivable. Let’s just consider-- perhaps last year Emmy voters’ heads were stuck in the sand at their Malibu beach houses, or frozen in Botox or something. But failing to acknowledge this audacious young actress with the outstanding range for a second season is practically criminal. We’re rounding up Emmy voters and charging them with crimes as we type. Tatiana flawlessly plays more than half a dozen distinctly different clones on this pitch-perfect sci-fi import on the BBC. If Ryan Murphy’s hell-fest (and we mean that in many ways) American Horror Story (pick a season) served up clones on bloody silver platter they’d all have nominations. You’ve been warned for 2015 Emmy voters!  #CloneClub 


The Good Wife for Best Drama (EVER)
We couldn't even tell you how impossibly insane this was! After a season in which [SPOILER ALERT!] Will Gardner dies, Diane Lockhart is pushed out of her own firm, Peter is embroiled in a federal scandal, Kalinda and Carey dive deeper into their weird-ass relationship, and Florrick-Agos beats the big guys from their digs in a warehouse in the hood the show wasn't nominated for best drama series or any dramatic writing? Bogus. We'll see what Elsbeth Tascioni has to say about that!


Rosie O'Donnell as the Most Calming Guest Actress in a Drama Ever on The Fosters 

Fosters’ fans were crying into our cereal bowls when Maia Mitchell’s Callie ran away, stole from a convenience store in order to be caught (and safer than on the streets), and eventually landed in a group home. But as soon as the door to that group home opened and Rosie O’Donnell was standing in the archway as Rita, the no-nonsense but big-hearted head of Girls United, we knew all would be right with Callie’s world eventually. Rosie’s Rita gave Callie (and us) sound advice and hope. Just look at her like a wise lesbian Buddha above. In all seriousness, Rosie’s return to acting was a complete success in role tailor-made for her. And the best news is she’ll be back in season two. 


Annaleigh Ashford for Best Supporting Actress 

First things first. Annaleigh is a Broadway baby who wowed audiences in the Kinky Boots, so it’s a foregone conclusion that we love her. Still, she imbued her Betty, a lesbian prostitute who became William Masters’ first test subject for his experiments on sex, with unparalleled humor and pathos. She masturbated on cam for you Emmy voters. Does she need to do a song and dance number too? Because she can! 


Samira Wiley and Danielle Brooks for Best Best Friend Comedy Duo 
This duo definitely endures some problems during season two, but this is the Emmys, so only season one stuff is in contention. They're just funny together, and you can tell that Wiley and Brooks are besties in real life. Their gal-pal chemistry emanates from the TV, whether they're making jokes in the library, or talking smack about everyone else in the cafeteria. There's no doubt that their friendship cracks us up because it reminds us of our own BFFs. So what's the deal, Emmy committee? Do you hate friendship?!



Monica Potter - Best Supporting Actress in a Drama for Parenthood Because We're Still Mad About Last Year's Snub!

Dear Emmy Voters,

This is what it looks like when the Golden Globes gets it right and nominates a deserving actress that you snubbed for her fully-realized portrait of a woman, wife, and mom dealing with a cancer diagnosis. Emmy voters really f*cked up last year when they failed to nominate Monica for her beautiful, subtle portrayal. You had another chance because Monica kicked ass again this season -- and you still didn't recognize her. Is she required to lop off heads and screw minotaurs to get noticed (we're looking at you Coven and GOT)? Isn't it enough that Kristina's reaction to her daughter Haddie's coming out as dating a woman was so sweet and honest it made us wish we could all crawl back in the closet and come out a second time with Monica Potter as our mom? You screwed up last year Emmy, and you screwed up again. 


Ellen DeGeneres for Best Parody of Game of Thrones, House of Cards, and Others 
We know that Ellen is a daytime host, but she's got parodies of all the beloved primetime shows. Her hilariously dumb "appearance" on Game of Thrones is at least worth a Creative Arts Emmy.


Teyonah Parris as Dawn Chambers and Sola Bamis as Shirley on Mad Men for Breakroom Realness
You could say that Mad Men itself had a little bit of a racial diversity problem, but since this is an office drama set in the 1960s, you might understand why. Enter Dawn, and later Shirley, whose characters on the show are pretty tokenish, but there were a few key episodes this season, where that tokenism, as well as the unchartered territory of having women of color *gasp* visibly in charge of things in the office, was addressed. The most real moment from that, though, was Shirley and Dawn's encounter in the breakroom, where they swap names as a nod to the fact that some people are having a problem telling them apart. Get Al Sharpton on the phone, and tell him the Emmy board doesn't know good racial humor when they see it!


Rachel Brosnahan for Playing the ONLY Character on House of Cards with a Soul 

Netflix’s House of Cards features the nastiest collection of heartless narcissists on television (not counting loads of reality shows), but newcomer with the ever-growing résumé, Rachel Brosnahan, plays Rachel Posner, who is literally the only character on she series with a soul. That in itself deserves an award. It’s easy to chew the scenery along with Kevin Spacey, but Rachel rises above the cud as a sweet call girl who knows too much about the animals on Capitol Hill. The hooker with the heart of gold story is a tale as old as time, but Rachel is terrific as Rachel, and it doesn’t hurt that her character fell for a woman by season two’s close.



Cast of Pretty Little Liars for the Most Flawless Hair in the Face of Danger 

The Liars have endured many dangers, toils, and snares fighting off an omnipresent hooded blackmailer throughout their four seasons (now in the 5th), and while the story may be tough to follow and you’ll forget details in no time (making the series infinitely rewatchable), their tresses remain the most buoyant, flawless series of coiffures on television. As PLL devotees we’ll tell you the show deserves nominations for it’s fine young actresses, sensitive portrayal of a lesbian character, it’s camp sensibility, and it’s attention to the detail of film history, but for the rest of you, look at that hair and just dare to say it isn’t perfect. 


Maia Mitchell for THIS Face That Makes Us Cry on The Fosters

Week after week on ABC Family's breakout hit The Fosters Australian native Maia Mitchell turns out a performance that is both humorous and heart-rending as foster kid Callie who can never seem to catch a break, but it's THIS face that deserves a nomination. It's the face that breaks through the toughest resolve and renders anyone who watches a sobbing puddle of mush. This face wins. 



Laura Prepon for her Eyebrow Game on Orange Is the New Black 

Listen, Laura Prepon's Alex Vause is pretty much the hottest character to ever shank her way into our hearts on the small screen, and she deserves awards for everything. But that eyebrow situation... Sure, someone shapes the eyebrows that way, but it's what Laura does with them. Those eyebrows transfix, mesmerize, hypnotize, seduce.  Any actress could have those brows but not everyone would know what to with them. Eyebrow game on Prepon! 


Kiernan Shipka for EVERYTHING 

DISCLAIMER - We are not condoning smoking for teens or anyone! 
If you haven't watched Mad Men, just stop everything that you're doing, and go sit on your couch, put on a diaper, and don't come back until you're done. This show is incredible, but every single moment Kiernan Shipka is on screen, she freaking nails it. You don't see too many teenagers you can describe as wise, but Shipka is a smart cookie who "gets" it. Eerily wise, pre-feminist, pubecent badass Sally Draper is the role Shipka was born to play, and her talent especially shines. Every barb she lobs at her mother, every roll of her eyes toward her father, and every scoff she makes is perfect, and heartbreaking, and hilarious. At the end of the day, you want her to be absolutely nothing like her parents…but if she does end up like a Don and Betty clone, an incredibly entertaining Mad Men spinoff set in the 80s is in order (with Peggy and Joan as her bosses. Someone please make that show).

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