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Celebrating 'Galentine's' Day With Some of Our Favorite TV Besties

Celebrating 'Galentine's' Day With Some of Our Favorite TV Besties

Celebrating 'Galentine's' Day With Some of Our Favorite TV Besties

Happy Galentine's Day from these LGBT TV besties!


In the second season of Parks and Recreation, Leslie Knope declared the day before Valentine's Day 'Galentine's Day,' and the world heard her. As declared by the show, Galentine's Day is observed the day before Valentine's Day and is meant to be spent with one's female friends. Now, for many of you reading this, Valentine's Day and Galentine's Day could pretty much be the same thing, so today we're celebrating 'Platonic Galentine's Day.' And what better way to celebrate platonicness than by fondly remembering the besties of some of our favorite LGBT characters on TV? These ladies are often the wind beneath each other's wings, whether they're in jail together or fighting supernatural demons during the apocalypse. They're a shoulder to cry on when relationships don't quite work out, and sometimes just a buddy to watch a movie with. And now, here are some of our favorite on-screen duos (with a few light spoilers involved). Please feel free spread the Galentine's love around by adding your own favorites in the comments! 


Willow and Buffy on Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is arguably one of the best shows ever, and Willow and Buffy's friendship should go down in television history. Even when Willow suffered a tragedy that ended in her totally about to destroy the world, Buffy did everything she could to try and help her see the light before it was too late. Buffy and Willow have certainly had their ups and downs, but what friendship hasn't? At the end of the day, these magical buddies have always stuck together, and we couldn't love them more!


Emily and the Liars on Pretty Little Liars: There is nary one drama-free moment in the lives of the Liars, but the amount of times these girls have gone far out of their way to save each other puts them pretty high on this list. Sure, there's a heavy amount of backstabbing, betrayal, and utter confusion as to who is trustworthy and who is going to try and push them off a roof, but without sticking together these girls would have been goners long ago. Emily's girlfriends have come and gone, but the Liars are forever. 


Poussey and Taystee on Orange is the New Black: Yes, Poussey did try and take their relationship from platonic to romantic, but these two BFFs have figured out how to make it work after Taystee once again reminded Poussey of her unavoidable straightness. One of the most crushing things about Orange is the New Black's second season was Poussey and Taystee's violent falling out, but watching them get back together was one of the most heartwarming moments as well. We're pretty sure these girls are destined to be besties forever.  


Bo and Kenzi on Lost Girl: Sure we may spend a lot of our Lost Girl experience getting caught up in Bo/Lauren/Tamsin/Dyson (ugh) relationship drama, but Bo's human bestie from day 1 Kenzi has always had our heart. She and Bo are about as close as a TV pair can get, so much so that they've pretty much leveled up from friends to sisters. After last season, the fae madness overstepped its boundaries and Kenzi decided to move on (to a guest spot on Orphan Black, no less!) but even still she and Bo have promised to stay close. We imagine they're having a wonderful, fae drama-free Galentine's Day right now!


Cosima and the Clone Club on Orphan Black: Girlfriends come and go (to Frankfurt, by force), but family is forever. Cosima relies on her sister clones not only to help her solve complicated webs of sinister genetics, but for some chillaxing and sisterly fun as well. Remember that epic dance party last season? But it's not always fun and games, and while Cosima's health is failing, it's her sisters she turns to first and who don't hesitate to go all-out trying to help her. We may love Cosima and Delphine as a couple, but it's Cosima and her sisters we'll always cherish the most! 

Abbi and Ilana from Broad City: Okay, so Ilana may be on an endless quest to get Abbi involved in her sexual trysts as much as possible, but first and foremost these girls are besties till the end. In fact, Broad City (which you should totally check out because it's beyond wonderful) hinges nearly entirely on their epically close friendship, and the mostly insanely weird situations they spend their lives getting into together. Even watching Ilana take care of Abbi after she had her wisdom teeth removed was a moving display of friendship (that is until Ilana lost Abbi and had to track her very drugged-out pal across Brooklyn). In conclusion, Broad City is pretty much the best and these girls are friendship rockstars.


Tara and Sookie on True Blood: This is one of the more crushing pairs on this list, because (SPOILERS) it didn't exactly end in the most 'alive' kind of way. But throughout True Blood's seven seasons, Tara helped Sookie stay as sane as possible and always had some pretty great wisdom to share. No one was safe from bad choices and life-destroying situations on True Blood, but we could always depend on Sookie and Tara putting each other first and always doing what they could to be there for each other, no matter how many vampire lovers and demonic possessions threatened to get in the way. 


Cara Mason and Kahlan Amnell from Legend of the Seeker: Woah, remember this show? If you do, it's probably only  because Tabrett Bethell and Bridget Regan stole every scene as supernatural-ish goddess Cara and Kahlan. At first, their aggressively different lifestyles (Cara was raised to be a leather-clad evildoer Mord-Sith and Kahlan was an inherently heavenly Confessor) made them enemies, but soon they became the oddest couple of buddies around and we loved every second of it. Oh Legend of the Seeker, you certainly weren't the best show, but you definitely had some of the best besties on TV. Perhaps a Galentine's binge-watching session is in order!

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