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11 Times Kristen Stewart and Juliette Binoche Were Adorable Together In Real Life

11 Times Kristen Stewart and Juliette Binoche Were Adorable Together In Real Life

11 Times Kristen Stewart and Juliette Binoche Were Adorable Together In Real Life

The Clouds of Sils Maria costars make a terrific team!


In Clouds of Sils Maria (in theaters now) the venerable French star Juliette Binoche plays Maria, an actress faced with growing older as she’s cast as the mature part in a play where, 20 years earlier, she played the ingénue. Director Olivier Assayas’ meta film about Hollywood, social media, and women’s relationships, pairs Binoche off with Kristen Stewart, in what is possibly Kristen's most nuanced role to date --she was awarded César, the equivalent of the French Oscar. Kristen plays Maria’s straightforward, incredibly competent assistant Valentine. The two, drink, laugh, hike, subtly flirt, and parry with each other while Maria rehearses for her role as an older woman infatuated with a younger one in this Sapphicly-tinged play within a film.

One of the plusses of the film, besides the fact that it's so satisfying to watch these two great actresses from different generations play the central figures of the movie (clearly passing the Bechdel test), is the sweet, funny off-screen relationship Juliette and Kristen appear to have formed. Here we look at 11 Times They Were Adorable In Real Life. 

(Note: We fully admit that this is just an excuse to post as many pics of them together as we could find) 


1. The time they showed up at the Césars looking flawless.


2. The time they posed with this girl, whose eyebrow makes us think it's Cara Delevinge, at the New York Film Festival. 



3. The time they looked at the paparazzi at Cannes and said, "Oh, shit. Here we go." 


4. The time Juliette spoke to Kristen in French and at the Césars and Kristen made this face because she totally understood. 


5. This time, when Kristen bit her lip for the paparazzi at Cannes while Juliette just kept smiling like the seasoned pro she is. 



6. The time right after that when Juliette let Kristen lean on her because the paparazzi (or the shoes) became too much. 


7. This time, when they wrestled the César away from this guy. 



8. Here, when they decided where they would go to hide out from all of the madness at Cannes. 


9. The time, in this Rolling Stone interview when they discussed Ingmar Bergman and made the heads of geeky lesbian cinephiles like me explode. 



10, Here, where they were like, "Where's the bar?" 


11. The time they were adorable with costar Chloe Grace Moretz. 

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