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10 Demands We Have For Orange is the New Black's 4th Season

10 Demands We Have For Orange is the New Black's 4th Season

10 Demands We Have For Orange is the New Black's 4th Season

Onwards and upwards!


Chances are you've already finished the third season ofOrange is the New Black. There's also a pretty big chance you finished it before it was even supposed to be officially released last Friday, because the Netflix powers that be are glorious and released it a day early to our shock and awe. There's also a chance that you were left a little underwhelmed by season 3, and are really hoping that season 4 picks up momentum and fulfills some of our greatest OITNB hopes and dreams. Sure, season 3 brought us plenty of new, instantly classic moments, but here's what we hope to see when season 4 finally hits our Netflix accounts next year.

Warning: spoilers lurk ahead...



10. Nicky comes back, DAMMIT.

When Nicky Nichols was dragged off to Max for possessing heroin, we prayed she'd soon return. Our prayers went viciously unanswered. Fan favorite sex goddess Nichols indeed went absent for the rest of the entire season, and a piece of our hearts went with her. Nicky, we need you back. Please un-Max yourself soon and return to Litchfield to spred spectacular wisdom and the joys of lesbian sex everywhere you go!



9. Christopher is completely left alone to live his life. 

Okay everyone, Morello might be adorable, but Christopher did nothing wrong. Christopher's a totally normal guy who got attacked by four random dudes because Morello sent them after him. Hopefully her marriage to a prison pen pal means Christopher will forever be left alone. We hope the best for this poor man. Be well, Christopher.



8. We learn Martiza and Ruiz's backstories.

More than anything, season 3 excelled in showing us the backstories of inmates we never realized we'd get to know (holla, Chang!). And while we got her BFF Flaca's backstory (don't sell pieces of paper and call it drugs, kids) Maritza continues to go un-backstoried and we're really starting to feel that loss. Same for Maria Ruiz, who had one of the season's most heartbreaking moments where her boyfriend Yadriel told her he wasn't going to be visiting with their child in the future. More from Spanish Harlem in season 4, please!



7. Crazy Eyes gets a new dandelion.

Crazy Eyes had a fan this season after her sci-fi erotica took the prison by storm. This cute little blonde woman followed her around for most of the season, making eyes and throwing turtles at her until the Suzanne finally joined her for a moment of cute connection. We absolutely plan to see more of them in the future. 

6. We get as much Laverne Cox as possible.

This season may have focused very much on backstories and lighter plotlines, but Sophia was carrying some much heavier situations on her shoulders. When several inmates start become aggressively transphobic, she's not only attacked, but sent to SHU for "her protection." This plot line ended with no resolve and opened the door to explore a lot of real questions about the treatment of trans inmates in the prison system. It was one of the season's biggest points of dramatic tension, and Laverne carried it beautifully. 

5. Boo and Pennsatucky continue their quest for justice.

Another plot line wrought with painful dramatic tension was that of Tucky and the prison guard "Donuts," who raped her in the prison van. Boo and Tucky developed a close friendship that forced both of them to look at themselves and their sense of morality when the time came for them to seek justice. They decided not to take the brutal step they'd planned as payback, but Donuts ultimately went unpunished and potentially able to assault more inmates in the future. We hope to see him brought to justice soon, and we hope to see Tucky and Boo continue to challenge each other and be the besties we've loved watching them become. 

4. Piper does something else. Anything else.

Panty Kingpin Piper was fun for a hot second, but now we really need her to focus on something else. We totally get how and why her business started, but it's time to move on. Exactly how to make underwear smell like it was used is just not a plot line we need to see a whole lot more of, even if that weirdly theatrical table-top speech she gave was certainly one of the season's most confusingly entertaining moments. Right up there with the guards singing, "Do You Hear the People Sing." It's been a weird season. 



3. Healy disappears forever. 

Is anyone not on board with this development? Anyone? Exactly. 



2. Poussey and Soso finally fulfill their soulmate connection.

Poussey spent most of this season drunkenly lamenting her lack of love, and Soso got so depressed in prison she attempted suicide. Poussey was integral in saving her, and the two finally seemed to find peace in one of the season's last scenes when they took each other's hands and floated peacefully in the lake. Could this mean they'll be floating peacefully towards an adorable and loving relationship in season 4? We'll just put a hearty 'yes' out there into the world and hope we're heard.



1. Alex isn't dead. Alex is fine. Everything is fine for Alex.

Things didn't end spectacularly for Alex in season 3. She was cornered in the shed by a man from her past who seemed pretty threatening, and since she spent the whole season worrying someone would come to Litchfield to murder her, we have good reason to be afraid. Yes, Alex has done her fair share of bad, crime-y things in her time, but being on our TV screens is not one of them, and we are so not ready to say goodbye. Not Nicky AND Alex, world!!! Let us wait this next year out in peace!

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