12 Must-Follow LGBT Activists on Twitter

Ana Valens

Photo: Instagram (@womensmarch)

It's clear President Trump's administration isn't backing down against both LGBT and marginalized citizens. In El Paso, Texas, Donald Trump's aggressive anti-immigration policies and rhetoric have led to one transgender woman being arrested by the ICE after she received a protective order for domestic violence. ICE was supposedly tipped off by her abuser.

Trump's behavior is ruining lies, and it's already impacting the LGBT community. These 12 Twitter activists are doing their part online, and they provide an excellent platform to stay informed. Go check them out!

Dominic Holden

BuzzFeed's national LGBT reporter Dominic Holden is killing it. Holden shoots straight against both the national and federal government, reflecting on how the LGBT community will be impacted by governmental political behavior. We highly recommend.

Amy Siskind

Amy Siskind, who is the president and co-founder of the women's non-profit organization The New Agenda, regularly uses her platform on Twitter to critique Donald Trump and warn against the potential rise of authoritarianism in America. Her voice is loud, clear, and highly insightful on every issue from LGBT rights to the American political spectrum. Check her out.

Ariel Troster

Queer femme Ariel Troster is definitely worth the follow. From signal boosting a campaign for safe havens for a queer refugee, to supporting working women, Troster provides a steady timeline of vitalcontent. We support her and encourage you to check her out.

Soha Kareem

Soha Kareem is the co-director of Dames Making Games in Toronto and serves as Diversity & Inclusion Manager at Riot Games (better known for creating League of Legends). Why do we like her? Kareem signal boosts important stories related to the Trump administration's behavior while adding her own clever and insightful takes. Highly recommended.

Hannah Pearson

Hannah Pearson is policy coordinator for the Equality Network, Scotland's national LGBTI human rights charity. Her timeline is a careful curation of issues affecting LGBT and marginalized identities in the world today, and we highly value her work. See some of her content below, and go check her out on Twitter!

Mey Rude

Autostraddle's trans editor runs a fierce Twitter account. We highly recommend following, not just for her tireless work for intersectionality at Autostraddle, but for her on-point pop culture tweets and criticism.

Jessica Nightmare

Jessica Nightmare runs the incredibly popular comic Manic Pixie Nightmare Girls. Her tweets touch on everything from trans acceptance and support to criticism regarding calling Trump "mentally ill." We love her work and highly recommend you check out her timeline!

Sam Riedel

Sam Riedel has quite the writing career. Her work has been featured everywhere from The Mary Sue to Bitch Media, The Establishment to McSweeney's. Her Twitter provides plenty of commentary criticizing the far-right and TERFs, which makes her a favorite in our book. Go give her a follow!

Tanya DePass

Tanya DePass runs INeedDiverseGames and uses her Twitter space to both critique Trump and foster solidarity with people of color working in tech, games, and creative projects. We're glad to have her voice on the platform, and we highly recommend giving her a follow.

April Daniels

YA fiction writer April Daniels uses her space on Twitter to support trans people and criticize the Trump administration. We love her mix of geekdom and political activism. Go follow her!

Molly Ostertag

Cartoonist Molly Ostertag is not just an advocate for queer and women's representation, she's also a strong voice against Trump in the art world. Curious what we mean? Check out some of her tweets below.

Erica Friedman

Erica Friedman runs Okazu, a blog exploring lesbian themes and media in Japanese culture. She's also a strong activist for LGBT rights, representation media, and criticism of the GOP-led government's disdain for the marginalized. Check out some of her tweets below!

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