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This Short Film Showcases the Lighter, Dancier Side of Queer Life

A new Tribeca Film Festival short shows how a cup of coffee can really turn your day around.

Queer Teen Shares Weed Brownie With Pious Grandpa in 'Start With Half'

Sometimes all you need to bring two people together is a little bit of weed.

We're Obsessed With This Drummer's Empowering Feminist Music Video

Jamie Scoles' new award-winning, experimental visuals artfully display the power of women. 

Queer or Christian—Who Says You Can't Be Both?

The Refinery29 documentary State of Grace explores the intersection of queer and Christian identities and asks. Do we really need to chose?

Biphobia Is Still an Issue—and 'Queering' Is Here to Talk About It

A series talking about older queer women, coming out later in life, and the ever present issue of biphobia.