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Is Amy Coney Barrett In A Cult? The People Of Praise Sect & Its Alleged Abuses Explained

Members of the Supreme Court Justice’s conservative religious sect have alleged sexual abuse.

Did 'Drag Race's Michelle Visage Escape Scientology?

The Drag Race judge opened up about her famous friend recruiting her into the controversial church.

Preacher Spirals Over 'Barbie' Including 'Transgender & Homosexuality'

“I curse this new Barbie movie,” the Christian preacher decried.

TikToker's Parents Hire Exorcist To Remove 'Demons' Making Him Gay

Gay TikToker gos viral after catching bizarre exorcism on camera

Omar Apollo Calls Growing Up Gay With Catholic Rules 'Heartbreaking'

Being gay didn't mesh with the expectations his religion had for him.

Here's Why Fans Are Concerned About Joshua Bassett's Religious Posts

The actor has been sharing cryptic religious posts on social media.

Church's Unauthorized Hamilton Performance Ends in Anti-LGBTQ+ Sermon

Who thought any of this was a good idea?

This Lesbian Nun Movie Used a Virgin Mary Sex Toy & Catholics Are Mad

Can we even still call it a Virgin Mary statue at this point?

Disney Channel Star Reveals He Was in Conversion Therapy While Filming

Matthew Scott Montgomery sent a message of encouragement to his fans on TikTok.

Everyone Will Be Gay by 2047, Church Claims (The Agenda Is Working!)

Time to bust out the rainbow flags, straights!

Pope Blasts 'Selfish' People Who Adopt Pets Instead of Having Children

You know, the thing Catholic organizations won't let same-sex couples do.

This Pastor Gave a Sermon in Full Drag & Our Hearts Are Full

"Joy is difficult to feel, it’s vulnerable. But isn’t it so beautiful?”

A Pastor Who Got in Drag to Support LGBTQ+ Community Has Been Fired

After appearing on HBO Max's We're Here, Craig Duke of Newburgh United Methodist Church has been relieved of his “pastoral duties.”

Pro Wrestler Anthony Bowens Kisses BF In Front of Anti-Gay Protestors

Anthony Bowens and Michael Pavano were not giving in to hate.

David Archuleta Prayed to God to Take Away His Same-Gender Attractions

“There’s so much relief to not feel like you have to hide a part of yourself, like a secret.”


After Coming Out, David Archuleta Thanks Supporters for Love

"I wasn't expecting this kind of response."

David Archuleta Comes Out, Shares Struggles With Sexuality & Faith

"I like to keep to myself but also thought this was important to share."