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Meet the hunky gay designer making all of the pope's religious clothing

He may be making the pope's fits, but he's also the master of the thirst trap!

Pope Francis clarifies same-sex blessings, takes swing at closed-minded conservatives

He called being conservative a "suicidal attitude" in a rare interview.

'Reacher' star Alan Ritchson's SCATHING takedown of Trump is the best thing we've read all day

The hunky action-TV star tore down Donald Trump and the Catholic Church in one go!

‘The First Omen’ is a chilling tale of authoritarian control & a diabolically good time

In a time when fascistic powers are intent on controlling our bodies, minds, and reproductive choices, this all-too-timely and terrifying film hits just right.

After making $1 million, this adult film star retired & became a pastor

After doing both straight and gay adult films during his previous career, Joshua Broome is now a Christian minister.

Fletcher responds to allegations that she joined a transphobic cult

Fans previously linked the singer to a controversial group some believe to be a cult.

Ex-gay Catholic busted sending steamy selfies to male employees, because OF COURSE he was

Former head of Church Militant Michael Voris was ousted after gay sex scandal came to light.

Yolanda Adams wants to collaborate with RuPaul on a new song

Could these two queens come together to maximize their joint slay?

Lil Nas X explains himself & apologizes to fans offended by 'J Christ'

The rapper has taken to social media to address the controversies surrounding “J Christ.”

Watch This Christian TikToker Attempt An LGBTQ+ Gotcha & Get Hilariously Trolled Instead

Now THIS is how you shut down trolls IRL! Gurl you TRIED IT!

Lil Nas X Shuts Down His 'Christian Era' Critics With A Golden Shower Joke, We're Cackling

"All I did was post a song about asking God for hope," he said.

Is Amy Coney Barrett In A Cult? The People Of Praise Sect & Its Alleged Abuses Explained

Members of the Supreme Court Justice’s conservative religious sect have alleged sexual abuse.

Did 'Drag Race's Michelle Visage Escape Scientology?

The Drag Race judge opened up about her famous friend recruiting her into the controversial church.

Preacher Spirals Over 'Barbie' Including 'Transgender & Homosexuality'

“I curse this new Barbie movie,” the Christian preacher decried.

TikToker's Parents Hire Exorcist To Remove 'Demons' Making Him Gay

Gay TikToker gos viral after catching bizarre exorcism on camera

Omar Apollo Calls Growing Up Gay With Catholic Rules 'Heartbreaking'

Being gay didn't mesh with the expectations his religion had for him.

Here's Why Fans Are Concerned About Joshua Bassett's Religious Posts

The actor has been sharing cryptic religious posts on social media.