Curb Your Enthusiasm: Rosie O’Donnell and Larry David Face-off in “The Bi-Sexual”

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Rosie O’Donnell and Larry David Face-off in “The Bi-Sexual”
Jase Peeples

Sunday night’s episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm had Larry David and Rosie O’Donnell vying for the attention of same woman.

The curmudgeonly Larry, and well let’s be honest, the curmudgeonly Rosie, meet a beautiful woman at an art opening.  They independently decide to compete for Jane’s affection only to discover that she’s given both of them her number.

Larry appears confident he’ll win out over Rosie until, when discussing the situation with his friend and mentor in all things dating related, Leon, they realize that Larry is at a disadvantage since, as a lesbian, Rosie has first-hand knowledge of the female anatomy.

Worried about taking a bisexual woman to bed, (which isn’t helped by Rosie showing him up in a game of softball. Hey, the lady was in A League of Their Own, what did you expect?) Larry turns to the oft-praised little blue pill, Viagara, to seal the deal for him. 

Supposedly, the resulting heterosexual pleasure is so fabulous that Jane breaks things off with Rosie to pursue a relationship with Larry, though ultimately leaves him after discovering the source of the great sex was medicinal.

Even though a clever Rosie accuses Larry of somehow enhancing his performance, since she’s never heard a woman brag about his performance in the bedroom in the twenty years she’s known him, it’s pretty hard to swallow that a real bisexual babe would fall for an old grouch like Larry just because of a little pill that’s a stiffer-pecker upper. It was a cheesy, outdated, and lame riff on a tired joke conclusion to what started off as such a promising comedic premise.

Thanks for nothing, Larry.

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