Tabatha Coffey Takes On Cyber-Bullying - Video

Tabatha Coffey Takes On Cyber-Bullying - Video

Tabatha Coffey is taking over another project, but this time it’s not a hair salon or other storefront business. The Tabatha Takes Over star wants you to join her in an effort to stop cyber-bullying.

Tabatha published an entry on her blog talking about why putting an end to bullying is so important to her, along with a resource list of websites and organizations that are devoted to ending bullying.

From Tabatha’s blog:

Bullying has become a major concern and a common headline these days. We are losing our youth to bullies that pick on them for their weight, sexuality, religion, and so much more.

When a Tennessee legislator began pushing a bill that allowed bullying of LGBTQ kids, I decided I couldn’t be quiet any longer. It’s time to put an end to bullying.

If you read my book, you know I was bullied for many things including my weight, my upbringing, and my sexual orientation. It made me stronger and who I am today, but that doesn’t excuse the bullying.

As you know, I can be tough on the business owners and employees on Tabatha Takes Over, but they ask for my help and want my style of tough love and honesty. I don’t walk into random businesses and serve snark on a whim.

In contrast, these young people are bullied daily. They don’t ask for it; they don’t seek it; they don’t deserve it. It’s time we Take Over and stop bullying today.

Tabatha also included this video:

Be sure to check out the resources she posted, and:

Do your part. If you see someone being bullied, speak up and intervene. If you know of a young person in need, offer them resources and speak to them about it. If your child or young adult is a bully, address it now.

To anyone reading this that is a victim of bullying, know that it really does get better.

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