Gloria Estefan Appears as Santana's Mom in 'Glee' Season Finale - Watch

Gloria Estefan Appears as Santana's Mom in 'Glee' Season Finale - Watch
Tracy E. Gilchrist

It was announced, what feels like, ages ago that Gloria Estefan would appear on Glee as Santana’s mom Maribel Lopez, and that moment finally arrives tomorrow for the season finale, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

While it’s terrific news that Estefan will appear in the finale, ensuring a signifincant Santana storyline, which Glee hasn’t had in a few months, sadly, the pop star will not be performing – which kind of prompts a big ole WTF? It seems like a terrible waste of one of the greatest female pop stars of all time, but maybe that’s the way Estefan wanted it.

The story goes that Estefan’s Maribel will appear to help point her daughter Santana (Naya Rivera) in the right direction regarding her post-graduation from high school life.

Santana wants to be a big star, but thanks to her girlfriend Brittany (Heather Morris) and Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch), Santana’s got a scholarship to college the University of Louisville that awaits her. Estefan explains that Maribel will push Santana toward college, and possibly toward not being so invested in her relationship at such a young age...

Estafan says that she and her daughter are big fans of the show since its premiere and she also tossed a little love Rivera’s way in the video below saying, “Naya is my favorite character. She’s got amazing chops, and she’s a great dancer. She’s a triple threat. They all are.”

Watch Estefan and Rivera discuss the episode below: 

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