At TCA 'Glee' Writer Hints at What's Next for Brittany S. Pierce

At TCA 'Glee' Writer Hints at What's Next for Brittany S. Pierce

Since Glee’s season finale there’s been plenty written about what may possibly be in store for one Santana Lopez (Naya Rivera) but there hasn’t been much to go on regarding her girlfriend Brittany S. Pierce’s (Heather Morris) storyline– that is until the Glee writers got to a panel at the summer Television Critics Association (TCA).

As the hastily written story went for the finale, Brittany dropped the bombshell that she’d managed to avoid attending pretty much all of her classes and earned herself whopping 0.0 GPA, therefore holding her back from graduation, even as Santana mulled over heading to college or to New York for her big break. At a panel at TCA this week Glee scribe Ian Brennan touched on Brittany’s story.

"A lot of what that character goes through is that it's not the greatest thing to be a super-senior, it's not so super; she's in a strange position where she's not like the rest of the kids there but not able to move on," Brennan said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "She's stuck in a way and she's away from the person who has been a huge thing for her for two years now,” Brennan added about Brittany’s relationship with Santana.

Brennan acknowledged that the tail does occasionally wag the dog regarding stories, crediting Brittana fans for urging writers to finally write the Valentine’s Day kiss last season.

“…when they first kissed we had whole arcs that were sort of pointing to that," Brennan said, AfterEllen reports. "That's a relationship that, for a lot of people, has a lot of meaning — and just beyond television characters. Maybe there have been other sort of teenage same-sex girls in relationships [on TV] but I can't remember one that was as high profile as this. So we're cognizant of the fact that people really have a stake in seeing themselves in the show and that's not lost on us at all."

While he wouldn’t say exactly what was going to happen for Brittany Brennan did assure fans that there would be plenty of Brittany and Santana moments for Glee’s season 4.

"I can tell you that there's gonna be a ton of — a lot of Santana/Brittany stuff. It'll be very cool," Brennan said, according to AE. "The last we saw them — it's on. So yeah, we have a lot of good stories, interesting stories and funny stuff with both of them."

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