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Watch: Trailer for Jill Bennett Starrer 'Second Shot' Premiering at Dinah

Watch: Trailer for  Jill Bennett Starrer 'Second Shot' Premiering at Dinah

Second Shot, the new digital comedy series starring Jill Bennett (And Then Came Lola, Dante’s Cove) is set to make its world premiere during the first ever “Dinah Film Series” event, at this year’s Dinah in Palm Springs on April 5th.

Bennett stars as Kat McDonald, an aspiring pro soccer player who left her small Ohio hometown to play in Miami, and is drawn back to mourn her Mentor, Dot.  After she arrives home, she learns that Dot has left Kat her prized possession, "Dot's Hole," the only gay bar in three counties.

Kat's glamorous life quickly turns into a nightmare, when she’s stuck in Morton, working with the locals to try and save the dive bar they call home.  There is also a love triangle in the works when Kat, who is currently dating Julia back in Miami, but has complicated things when she reconnects with her first love, Allison, who is now married to a man.

The web series is produced by Little Loud Pictures and Red String Productions, the producers of the popular series 3 Way, We’re Getting Nowhere, and We Have to Stop Now.  Bennett also serves as co-creator (along with Nancylee Myatt) and co-producer, with Annie Price, Rebecca Katz, and Dara Nai.

If you’re going to be in Palm Springs and want to attend the screening,it’s being held at The Hilton Hotel at 6:30pm.In addition to Bennett, Amanda Christensen, Maile Flanagan, Maia Madison, Dara Nai, Minni Jo Mazzola, Rosa Blasi, and Jon Crowley are all scheduled to attend.  Make sure to buy tickets in advance at 

And don’t worry, if you can’t attend in person, you can always watch the first two episodes at on April 6th and 7th.

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