Out Alt Rocker Michelle Chamuel Moves on to Knock-Out Rounds on 'The Voice'

Out Alt Rocker Michelle Chamuel Moves on to Knock-Out Rounds on 'The Voice'
Tracy E. Gilchrist

It remains a mystery as to why The Voice would deny its viewers the pleasure of watching, Michelle Chamuel, out contestant from Team Usher, do battle with her teammate Chelsea M. on Sia’s "Titanium," but for those of us who really want to hear the alt rocker wail on “Titanium” it’s available on iTunes for $1.29.

When all was said and done Usher chose Michelle as the winner of the Battle Round, which means that with Karina Iglesias on Team Shakira, the show has two out singers moving on to the Knock Out rounds.

During the blind auditions, Michelle, lead singer of the Ann Arbor based band Ella Riot (Ella, as it Fitzgerald), turned three chairs with her ground-down version of Katy Perry’s much-loved (and often hated) “I Kissed a Girl.”

She caught the attention of Adam Levine, Shakira and Usher. Following much debate, the out singer, whom AfterEllen interviewed in 2010, went with what her gut was telling her and chose Usher.

While The Voice only aired a snippet of Michelle’s performance, she did give an interview later saying that she gave the song everything she had, so much so that she could barely remember what happened on stage.

“I feel like there are pieces of me literally still on the stage, and I’m trying to get them back because I don’t even know what happened,” Michelle said. “I just know that everything was left out there.” 

Here's the don't blink or you'll miss it clip of Michelle's battle. 

Here's Michelle and Chelsea M. discussing the battle. 

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