Laura Prepon 'Needed' to Be in Orange Is The New Black, As 'Lesbian Catnip?'

Laura Prepon 'Needed' to Be in Orange Is The New Black, As 'Lesbian Catnip?'
Sunnivie Brydum

Straight actor Laura Prepon, best known for playing Donna Pinciotti on That '70s Show, freshly caught our attention in Netflix's queer-centric prison drama, Orange Is The New Black.

As lead character Piper's drug-smuggling ex-girlfriend, Prepon's Alex Vause is almost all business — until we start to see her softer, more sultry side when she's reunited with Piper, played by Taylor Schilling. 

Today, our friends at AfterEllen directed us to an interview Prepon recently did with, where the actor reveals just how badly she wanted to be on the show — she tried out for the role of Piper even though she knew she wasn't right for it — and how her already sizable lesbian fan-base has basically exploded with the show's well-earned popularity. 

Prepon, a self-described guy's girl who never got along with "girly girls," says she's well aware of her sapphic appeal. 

"Dude, lesbians love me," she told O Canada. "I’m tall, I have a deep voice, I’m like, ‘Hello, catnip!’ Now that this show’s out I’m curious what happens from here because whenever I go out lesbians try to, y’know, ‘turn me.’"

Prepon says she politely declines those female advances with a simple "You're awesome, but I'm straight," response… Which she says her feminine suitors never believe. 

"But whatever, we're all just looking for love, so who cares?" Prepon concludes. 

Well, as long as she takes it for the compliment that it is. Catch Prepon and her out castmates in Orange Is The New Black, now streaming its entire first season on Netflix. The show's already been booked for a second season, which the cast is reportedly shooting now. That's great news, because those of us who've watched the full season desperately need to know what happened after the closing shot in episode 13. 

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