The Broad Sheet: Lovers, Tweens, and a Nina Simone Tribute

The Broad Sheet: Lovers, Tweens, and a Nina Simone Tribute

In this, our newest recurring feature, SheWired editors will get you the low-down on all the can't-miss, female-centric entertainment highlights coming up this week. Just think of it as our list of Totally Awesome Things That Will Remind You Why It Rocks To Be A Woman. Don't worry, you can thank us later. 

10. TV: The Blacklist
There are dozens of reasons why you should watch NBC’s The Blacklist. It’s a smart, twisty thriller, and, for those of us Gen Xers who were fans of Pretty in Pink, it’s nice to see that the bad guy, James Spader, is now older and bald. (Factoid: the other two main actors in that film, Molly Ringwald and John Cryer now play, respectively, a lesbian and a guy with a sugar daddy whom he’s been clear he’d be willing to go gay for. Just saying.) But we can’t take our eyes of Megan Boone (pictured), who looks vaguely like Ellen Page and who plays FBI agent Elizabeth Keen, a smart and gutsy rookie who goes toe-to-toe with Spader and anchors the series. Turns out she has secrets even she doesn’t know about, and though she has a husband in episode one, we can always dream that down the line, she’ll discover her sexy Sapphic side. Here's a link to the DVD.

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