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Female Issue: The iTampon vs Apple's iPad

Female Issue: The iTampon vs Apple's iPad

This morning during the long-awaited unveiling of the latest Apple lust object, the iPad, the Twitter Trending Topics were Apple, #nowplaying, iTampon, Kindle, iPhone, Steve Jobs, Haiti, iWork, #twit and iBook. Apple seems to be catching some minor grief for naming a tablet after a feminine hygiene products.

Whilst the long awaited unveiling of the new Apple tablet has caused quite the buzz since this morning, it didn't all really go as planned -- mostly because the techies at Apple working on the tablet's development failed to look at things from a non-Apple employee concerned with 'i[Product]' naming person's perspective .

This morning during the unveiling of the iPad, the Twitter Trending Topics were Apple, #nowplaying, iTampon, Kindle, iPhone, Steve Jobs, Haiti, iWork, #twit and iBook. Notice any key topic missing?

Droves of women on Twitter, among all other social networking sites, were wondering if perhaps there weren't a major shortage of females in Apple's marketing department. Steve Job's newest lust object is called the iPad. Put quite perfectly in a LA Times blog: "The moniker comes uncomfortably close to those cheesy commercials touting the light 'n breezy features of feminine hygiene products."

One thing about women: they are creative when marketing and research and development teams are not. One example being "Yes, the iPad is small, lightweight and slim. But can you swim with it?" Because, frankly, that is one of the best features of the iTampon, so why go with the iPad? 

There is a 2006 MadTV spoof that asks "Why use the Maxi Pad when you can use the new iPad from Apple?" Watch the clip here:

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Being kind of a tech and design geek myself, I could have never guessed that the R&D at Apple would be anything nearly as bad as the medical industry. Confused? Here, this will clarify: 

I saw that for the first time on TV well over a year ago (yes, the commercial still airs) and still fall out of my chair laughing at it. 

So thinking about useful products with bad R&D and outrageously funny commercials as a result, this clip seemed to be fitting, especially in relation the issue over Apple's iPad/iTampon:

Just think Introducing the iPad, the most advanced technology you will ever bleed on. See what can happen when not enough time is spend in development on these kinds of issues?

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And just to rub a little more salt in the wound, here are some Tweets and photos for all the new products that were unveiled this morning as a result of the iPad announcement. Enjoy!

@sarahk47: The iChastityBelt will come with a password instead of a key.

@BruinGirl2001: Will the next version of the #ipad come w/wings?

@bbrikend: use your ipad, or #itampon when you have your #iperiod, girls

@ DontStealMyPen: Will women send their husbands to the Apple store to buy iPads?

@Neila222: If only the #iTampon had a vibrate feature like the iPhone.

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