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Wait, Colman Domingo Met His Gorgeous Husband On What Site?

Wait, Colman Domingo Met His Gorgeous Husband On What Site?

Their love story is straight out of a rom-com.


Most people watch romantic comedies, but Colman Domingo, star of Euphoria (and our hearts), actually lived one.

In a recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the actor opened up about how he met his husband Raúl. The story he shared is so wild — and will make you believe in love again.

“OK, you gotta picture 17 years ago,” the actor began. “I was walking down the street going into a Walgreens in Berkeley, California. We passed each other. We never spoke.”

Usually, that would be the end of the story, but fate, well rather Craigslist, intervened.

“A few days later, I’m on Craigslist tryna buy a used computer to help with my writing. And I went to the home screen, and, you know, they have missed connections… things like ads. Remember that, you guys?” he recalled.

“So, I would read them because I’m a romantic and I’m like, ‘I keep thinking about this person that I crossed paths with and never spoke to,’” continued Domingo, who never in a million years thought he would see himself being described there — but was maybe secretly hoping for it. After all, why else would he look? And good thing he did.

“I go to the second page of missed connections and it said, ‘Saw you outside of Walgreens, Berkeley.’ And he described me, I had a faux hawk – you remember when faux hawks were a big – I had that.”

Domingo replied and the rest was history. “And we met up two days later, and I told him, ‘I think you’re about to change my life and I love you,’” Domingo said before concluding, “And we’ve been together ever since.”

So, what did we learn here? Grindr is for hookups, and apparently Craigslist is where you can find your true forever love — also reasonably priced used items. You better werk, Craigslist.

Next up for Domingo, aside from living his happily ever after, is his role in the Netflix film Rustin. It’s the true story of civil rights leader Bayard Rustin who, despite his pivotal role in the movement, has largely been erased from history for being an out gay man in a time that did not accept him. But it’s thanks to Rustin and the queer heroes from history that a story like Domingo’s can happen and be told out and proud today.

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