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The Gays Are Dragging TSA for This Cringeworthy Instagram Post

Taylor Henderson

Talk about targeting the gays. A social media post from the Transportation Security Administration has garnered attention from queers all over the internet, but not for the most ideal reasons.

On Monday, the TSA shared an image of four rolled-up wigs on Instagram with a pretty cringe-worthy caption.

"We heard you walked purse first through one of our security checkpoints. No tea, no shade, and we sure hope you had a pleasant experience, but when it comes to security we do what needs to be done to keep you safe."

The caption continued:

"At times our officers may ask passengers to undergo additional screening, such as letting a wig out the bag to be run separately. This could be to resolve an alarm or as part of other security measures.

Now, Shante, you can stay. Thanks for your patience, hilarity, talent, and humility. Keep racking up them frequent flyer miles.

#TSA #Travel101 #HBO #RuPaulDragRace #NoShade #NoTea #ShanteYouStay"

To make matters messier, the post tagged the one and only Bob the Drag Queen, Season 8 winner of RuPaul's Drag Race. Bob actually tweeted about the stressful exchange as it was happening in real-time. 


Perhaps TSA just wanted to be in on the joke while also addressing why they had to handle Bob's wigs in this manner, but the Instagram post feels more like a public scolding with a heavy dose of brand pandering. 

It didn't fly over well with the girls and the gays. "Prison. Jail. Lock up whoever wrote this," wrote LA drag queen Meatball. "This feels like a hate crime," wrote another commenter.

Screenshots of the post have since gone viral and Twitter users are calling out TSA for a variety of reasons:

Just another day on the internet...


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