This Is How Aces Are Empowering Asexuals on Tumblr

This Is How Aces Are Empowering Asexuals on Tumblr
Yezmin Villarreal

The asexual community on Tumblr is celebrating Ace Visibility Day today by posting photos and graphics that identify their orientation on the asexual spectrum. Many are posting selfies with a corresponding ace from a playing deck of cards that goes with how each identifies personally.

Each ace posted a card that best represents them. This contributor included former Queen of England and wife of King Henry VII, Anne Boleyn.

Some people are posting videos for #aceday:

This submission explains the spectrum of identities that exists within the asexual community.

This photo is actually a celebration of her one-year anniversary since coming out as ace.

This one includes a hand-drawn ace card and explains why labels matter. "Without the language we've built up around our orientations, they would possibly remain undiscussed, undiscovered and undisclosed."

Mostly May 8 is a day to celebrate the asexual spectrum and for everyone to feel like they aren't alone in their identity, especially because it's still largely misunderstood.

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