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'Drag Race's Kim Chi & Eureka are FOR REAL beefing online — here's why

'Drag Race's Kim Chi & Eureka are FOR REAL beefing online — here's why

Eureka and Kim Chi
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Eureka's latest interview with Delta Work has sparked some drama with RuPaul's Drag Race star Kim Chi.


A very unexpected 'Drag Race' drama!

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RuPaul's best friend race? Not for these two queens!

On Monday, May 13, Eureka appeared as a special guest on the Very Delta show hosted by Delta Work. When asked about her various experiences in the drag industry, Eureka shared a particular story about doing the Werq the World tour along with Drag Race season 8 star Kim ChiKim Chi.

"I've definitely lost luggage [while touring]," Eureka said. "I remember being on the Werq the World Tour and I lost my bags. Luckily, I had my makeup and like two or three wigs… although I got into the biggest fight with Kim Chi. I was so pissed at her."

She added, "I went to her, and I was like, 'Do you have anything I could borrow? Like a stretch dress or anything?' And this was when she was going through her era of like, 'I'm not a big girl.' So she was just like, 'Eureka I don't have anything in your size.' I was just like, 'Okay, that's delusional,' because I was also at a skinnier version of myself. It was also just… I felt, like, hateful, you know? It's like, we're sisters, we're on tour together, and I got upset about it. I was just like, 'Okay, well, f*ck you, girl' and stormed off and did my thing."

Eureka continued:

"I found this roll of fabric backstage, and I ended up having to host the show, so I just like rolled myself up in it and did that old, toga-type gown dress thing. I [performed] 'This Is Me' and rolled out of it into my panties. And I did my hair removed with potato chips in it, just to be extra for the crowd."

The former We're Here cohost also claimed that her fight with Kim Chi resulted in another fight with Bob the Drag Queen during that same night.

"Kim Chi was upset that I was mad," Eureka said, "so then Bob comes in there trying to tell me how wrong I am. And I was not in the mood, b*tch. I was just like, 'F*ck you too b*tch! Get out of my dressing room. I hate you all!' I love them now, [but] me and Kim Chi took a minute before we were okay again. But, you know, that's how sisters get into it when we're traveling."

Even though Eureka went on to share more positive stories involving Kim Chi, Bob, and the other queens touring with them on Werq the World — such as playing games of Uno — Kim Chi still felt upset about the accusations that Eureka shared in this new interview.

It's important to note that Kim Chi has previously engaged in silly and hilarious "fake feuds" on social media with other Drag Race queens, like when she and Trixie Mattel pretended to be fighting amid launching their BFF4EVR makeup collaboration. In those situations, though, it was clear from the start that they really were just kidding.

Following Eureka's interview on Very That, Kim Chi took to X to share what seems to be a direct response to the claims brought up in the episode. And this time, Kim Chi's post did not read as a silly "fake feud" like the one she made up with Trixie.

Kim Chi wrote (in a since-deleted X post, which was re-posted by fans on Reddit):

"A queen has decided to tell a fabricated story about me and my character on a podcast. Little does she know I have the receipts and witnesses. You messed with the wrong b*tch. See y'all tomorrow and no, this is not a joke."

On Tuesday, May 14, Kim Chi shared another X post, this time discussing the attacks she's been receiving on social media. The Drag Race star and makeup mogul wrote:

"The amount of body shaming I've received in the last 24 hours over someone's falsely embellished story is actually wild? I didn't want to air out my personal struggles but I actually suffered from depression and leg injury and have gained a lot of weight. I am doing much better now getting back in healthier habits and routine. I hope you folks aren't this cruel to fat people in your real daily lives."

A few Drag Race queens have responded to Kim Chi's X post. Denali wrote, "F*ck them." Bianca Del Rio and Bimini replied with heart emojis.

Certain little feuds from drag queens can be fun and lighthearted to keep up with, but this one does not feel that way… at all. We hope Kim Chi and Eureka can address this situation and move forward in the best way that works for them as artists and individuals.

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Bernardo Sim experiences and explains queer multiverses. Born in Brazil, he currently lives in South Florida.

Bernardo Sim experiences and explains queer multiverses. Born in Brazil, he currently lives in South Florida.