Watching Trixie & Katya Relive Their Worst Drug Trips Is Absolutely Outrageous

Trixie Mattel And Katya
Zachary Zane

In the latest episode of UNHhhh, drag legends Trixie Mattel and Katya give viewers the "don’t do drugs" talk we all really should have received in middle school.

Trixie Mattel And Katya

They go through classifying drugs, and then proceed to tell some of their most ridiculous stories from what happened during various drug trips. Trixie attempted to impress Latrice by smoking marijuana, which led to her waking up the next morning with "blue butt." Trixie also took edibles at Dollywood, which (needless to say) led to an interesting story.

Trixie Mattel And Katya

Katya also has had her fair share of experience with various drugs, though she wasn’t a fan of downers. Find out what her manager walked in on her doing (among all of the other crazy shenanigans she got into) in the video below.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget: DRUGS ARE BAD…mkay?  

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