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In the Galleries: Judy Chicago

In the Galleries: Judy Chicago

In the Galleries: Judy Chicago

Celebrating her 75th birthday, an exhibit of Judy Chicago's early work reveals the roots of her feminist approach to making art.

A new exhibit focuses on the first decade of work by one of the leading figures in feminist art, Judy Chicago, who is now approaching her 75th birthday.

"Chicago in L.A.: Judy Chicago's Early Work 1963-74" is at the Brooklyn Museum from April 4 through September 28. It is billed as a reappraisal of her importance as a pioneer in the California art scene, bringing together more than 55 objects, including her Female Rejection Series, and large-scale paintings.

In this period of Chicago's life, she lived in Los Angeles and participated in the Finish Fetish School, which responded to the rapid post-World War II industrialization of the West Coast with its own brightly colored, high-gloss form of minimalism.

Through "Chicago in L.A.," audiences discover Heaven Is for White Men Only and her minimalist sculpture Rainbow Pickett , created for Chicago's first solo gallery show held in Los Angeles in 1966.

Acrylic Shapes

Birth Hood

Dry Ice Environment

Female Rejection Drawing 3 from the Rejection Quintet

Heaven Is for White Men Only

Polished Stainless Steel Domes

Purple Atmosphere #4

Queen Victoria from the Great Ladies

Rainbow Pickett

Silver Blue Fan

TTF Painting

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