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These Bros Give a Whole New Meaning to "The Hottest Lesbian Kiss Ever"

These Bros Give a Whole New Meaning to "The Hottest Lesbian Kiss Ever"

These Bros Give a Whole New Meaning to "The Hottest Lesbian Kiss Ever"

Sometimes frat guys surprise you, that's all I have to say

Back in college, before I understood the power of the Internet or the wide-openness of Facebook, I posted a few pictures from a lesbian night in West Hollywood that my then-girlfriend and I attended.  In one of them we were kissing, in a sea of women, none of whom were paying attention to us.  A few weeks later I got a Facebook message from a guy friend with a link saying, "Uh I think you need to take a look at this."  The link led me to some bizarre fraternity-run website that seemed to just be a collection of girls in various states of undress and provocative behavior at their parties.  In the middle of this montage, I saw my own picture of us kissing with the caption: "Lesbians? Haha yeah right.  Don't worry guys, they still love the dick."  I freaked and tried to email the admin to take it down, but the whole site was so anonymous that there was no way I could get in touch with anyone.  Finally, enough complaints about the site itself came to the university that the offending domain was shut down entirely.  

Well, thankfully we have come a long way from that.  Obviously, frat guys are still morons and will ogle anything with two boobs and two legs, and two girls kissing can still cause traffic pile-ups if it occurs under the right circumstances, but the world has evolved to the point where a website based on fratty humor has actually made something meaningful out of the whole thing.

This week, College Humor takes a look at the much-exalted "lesbian kiss at a frat party" phenomenon.  Now, more often than not, two girls making out in front of a bunch of dudes is generally not an actual lesbian event, and more likely a grab at attention by a couple of drunk straight girls.  However, sometimes you just meet that perfect person and fucking who cares who is watching, right?!  And if all guys reacted the way that these three bros did, maybe more lesbians would be unafraid to show their love in public.  

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