'The Real L Word' Charity Basketball Game - in Photos

'The Real L Word' Charity Basketball Game -  in Photos

The Real L Word's Sajdah Golde, Chanel Brown and Tawana Briggs put together an event that was not to be missed this past weekend. Saj is continuing to fight for equality when she hosted the celesbian studded "All's FAIR in L's and Basketball," a fundraising event to support Vote for Equality's efforts to defend the FAIR Education Act.

This past Saturday at Cal State LA the ladies from season one and season two of Showtime's hit reality series The Real L Word battled it out on the basketball court to raise money to defend the FAIR Education Act.

The FAIR Education Act (Fair, Accurate, Inclusive and Respectful Education Act) is a California bill, which passed and was signed by Governor Jerry Brown in 2011, that will ensure contributions of disabled leaders and members of the LGBT community are recognized in social studies lessons taught in the California public school system. This bill is the first of its kind in the country, and is already facing repeal.

But on to what happened at the game! The ladies from Season 1 teamed up against the whippersnappers from Season 2 for a fun-filled game of hoops, although both teams had some crackerjack players who rounded out the teams and played the bulk of the game. Still, it was worthwhile to watch the line-up of Season 1's Whitney, Rose, Jill, Sara, Whit's friend Ruby and Alyssa's fiancee and Love Darling front woman Shay in the white shirts face off against Season 2's Saj, Kacy, Francine, Kelsey, Khristianne in the red shirts.

The Season 2 team got off to a strong start with the Season 1 team closing the gap following half-time. It looked as though Season 2 would win by a landslide for a while but the Season 1 ladies closed the gap, although they didn't pull off the win. Still, the event was a huge success and Saj managed to raise money and educate folks about The Fair Education Act. Congrats to all! Here it is in photos:

The Season 2 team warms up.

Singer Misty O'Dell was an ace as a Season 2 back-up player.

Kacy waits to warm up.

The Season 1 team warms up.

There's Ruby on the left, Rose second from right and Shay on the right.

Sara and Nikki look on.

Huddles before the big game.

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That's Whitney on the left and Rose in the middle.

Rose, Whitney, Shay and Jill

There's Saj running the show and playing the game.

Time out!

Rose with a fan.

Whitney uses Rose's back to sign and autograph for a fan.

Jill and Nikki

Don’t be surprised if your vodka soda comes in a Big Gulp size instead of one of those tiny tumblers.

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We discovered Lady Gaga while she was still Stefani, so you better believe we’re going to be playing the latest and greatest tunes.

Kelsey looking on.

Yes, by the end of the night things still smell like stale beer and desperation, but at least most of the patrons are covered in colognes, lotions, hair products and soaps that smell delightful.

Jill and Rose relaxing for a minute.

This one’s debatable (we can be Judgy McJudgersons sometimes), but at least no one’s going to bat an eye if you kiss a boy on the dance floor or scream “YAS!” when they play the newest Fifth Harmony song.

Whitney on Sara's lap, Shay and Ruby

A gaggle of drag queens instantly makes a night out even better. SLAY!

Kacy and Saj

Rose, the Season 1 coach and Whit

Saj in action.

Khristianne, Francine and Kelsey

Khristianne and Jill

Jill high-fives Francine

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Whit, Jill, Francine and Rose

Kelsey and a Season 1 player grab for the ball.

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Sara, Saj and Jill

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Jill, Saj, Shay and Rose after the game!

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